Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Senate Deal Creates Opportunity for Centrists

Click on the link for a short piece on the Radical Centrist about some conservatives' reactions to the Senate Deal.

This Senate deal has created an opportunity for Americans and their government. In this last election, the GOP (to include the President) claimed a mandate. In my book, a mandate is 60% or more, far more than the GOP returns. The reality is we are still very divided and to claim the right to ram an agenda down Americans' throats, may backfire on them.

With that said, the Dems have been quite the obstructionists. The left-wing angry people are stalling processes that are not worth the time or effort. I understand the need to object to certain nominees, when they are on the extreme fringe of either side of the political spectrum. But from what I have read about the three judges in question, they are very well respected by both Dems and Republicans, in their states.

Democrats are only hurting their causes when they waste time and the taxpayer's money by committing these obstructionist actions. To oppose any and every thing Bush, just because it is Bush, is extremely idiotic. After all, he did win the election and like it or not, he is the President. He has the right to appoint whoever he wants and then it becomes the duty of the Senate to give the appointment(s) a yea or nay vote.

Both parties can claim victory or both can claim defeat. The extremists on both ends are whining about losing. But those in the mainstream, see this as the way government ought to work. So hats off to the brave moderate senators that bucked their parties' hard-nosed stands, and got things done.

Both parties should take note of this and if they should become obstinate again in the future, the centrists will once again exert their influence. If the polarizers do not temper themselves soon, future elections may swing to moderates, in a new centrist party.

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