Thursday, May 26, 2005

Italian Charged With Defamation Of Islam

McQ at the Q and O Blog asks some poignant questions about the freedom of speech in Europe. Click on the title for the article.

Read it and see if you think Europe is some model of enightment and tolerance. Many Europeans just spent the past two years, sitting on their judgement seats about our responses to terror. They compared the American government to Nazis, the President to Hitler, and now have charged a former Fascist resistance leader during WWII, with defaming Islam.

Oh, it's okay to allow the "America is Satan" crowd to chant hateful slogans against western civilization and its culture. Yet, they are sure to suppress the free speech of an Italian that worked to help the allies defeat Mussolini, free from criticism and reproof.

Do you want to know what's really ironic? This woman has been predominantly a leftist most of her life. What ever happened to ideological courtesy? We saw it in the liberal MSM, when they defended Isikoff. But, I guess it only applies when you are trying to tear down the US and those that stand with it, in the war against terror.

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