Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Blog (And Comment) Worth Sharing: Global American Discourse

I usually do not front a commenter out unless I think something needs to be said. I'd like to share a good portion of a comment left, on the "Maybe..." post.

Yes, as you say, there are perception gaps between US and its allies. To my regret, Tony Blair is under attack to set a timetable to step down. This is a negative blow to EU commitment.

Nuclear bombs can proliferate. Once Iran acquires them, other Islamic states and terrorists can acquire them. Then, not only US and Israel but also the whole world will face the threat.

For those of you that do not know, Shah. I highly recommend you check out his site, Global American Discourse. He is a Political Scientist, from and in Japan. He is not some wannabe hack here, he knows his stuff, read his blog and you'll see.

I think an important thing to note is, of all the countries in the world, Japan is one of the last countries that needs to worry about Radical jihadists. They do not anger many and are a model of capitalism. They have shown in a remarkable fashion, just what can done for a nation in ruins. They have made it happen.

Except for the fact that China and Korea is holding grudges for things that happened 60+ years ago. They pretty much get along with everyone.

I am not saying that they have no worries, they have them. But they have more of a threat from internal radicals than from Muslim terrorists or the number one sponsor of jihad, Iran. Even at that, Shah still recognizes that a nuclear Iran would be a threat.

The one Asian country that should be concerned is China. They are not immuned. And if Iran gets a nuke, who's to say Iran won't get irritated at China someday and turn on them?

It sure is something they need to be thinking about, as they draw up their alliances.

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