Sunday, September 10, 2006

NFL Brother Bowl I: Peyton 26 - Eli 21

The Indianapolis Colts led by Peyton Manning have won the first meeting with younger brother Eli's New York Giants 26-21, in what was a pretty good football game.

Mistakes cost both teams at times. But, the Giants had some mistakes that cost them some otherwise impressive drives, more often than the Colts had. This is not unusual for teams on opening day, but I am sure Tom Coughlin will stress and emphasize this in the upcoming week, both at practice and in the film sessions.

There were some questionable calls in the end that NY fans will point to as a key to their team coming up short. The late offensive pass interference call against the Giants was a close one that could have gone either way. The Colts' Nick Harper could have caught an elbow, but he made sure he caught the refs's eyes with a Reggie Miller style flop. It was a tough call.

The last call that NY fans weren't too pleased with was the illegal snap with under 2 minutes to go, and by rule cost them 10 seconds off of the clock. They had 0:17 seconds, but that made it 0:07. That would have made it a tough task for the more experienced Peyton, so it's no surprise that the younger Eli was unable to overcome that call. It was a good call.

Bottom line, the Colts miss Edgerrin James. The two Colts running backs are not near the caliber of the Edge, at least not yet. Joseph Addai will be someday, once he gets some more experience and learns the pro game and its defenses, better.

So now that the hype for this game is over and most of the week one games are over, the season is in full swing and every team must look to next week, with the exception of the four that play tomorrow night.

My teams did well.

The Colts won, the Bears won big (shutting out the GB Packers), and the Cincinnati Bengals won with relative ease.

My Raiders play tomorrow night, but I will not hold my breath for them. They have no quarterback, so it will be an huge uphill battle for them to be competitive this year.

In addition to the NFL games, one of my college teams won and won big. Notre Dame soundly defeated Penn State. The other team USC did not play, they play Nebraska next week. Notre Dame gets a tough Michigan team, in South Bend.

So, that's it for this week's sports punditry. Hope your team did well, if not, there's 15 more games to pull it together.

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