Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chirac: The Great Enabler

The Iranian president addressed the UN last evening and quite honestly he did pretty much what we expected. He tried to deflect criticism back towards the U.S., as if we were responsible for the current crisis. How wonderful it must be to have someone you can always blame, for your own misbehaviors.

Be that as it may, it's one thing to act like that. But it's another to reinforce that behavior.

Enter Jacques Chirac, the Great Enabler.
Jack wants the UN to back off the sanctions threat.

It seems that Mr. Chirac's style of diplomacy puts him the same league with John Kerry, who votes for things before he votes against them. Chirac commits to a few thousand troops to a UN cause, then cuts it back to 200, or so. Then when the world mocks his decision, he changes his mind again and recommits. In this case, he had the UN thinking sanctions and now he says no. What a surprise.

The UN has certainly been a noble experiment, but one has to admit that it is quickly becoming a failed experiment. When one of the charter members of the UNSC has a leader that can't decide what's best for the world on an issue such as this, it's no wonder it fails so miserably, time after time.

Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking.


A.C. said...

Funny, I'm bashing France today too, but for a different reason. They've now been directly threatened by Zawahiri, ie, AQ, ie, Taliban, yet they are steadfastly refusing to increase NATO contribution to the Afghan operation.

Chirac is one of the best political obfuscators ever, so it's no surprise he's shifting blame again here. They still believe their way of handling terrorism, vis a vis Algeria and past threats (which they have much experience with) is best for them. What they seem to forget is that the west is in this together--Zawahiri's announcemnet should have made that plain--and unless we get on the same page with each other they'll continue to whittle away at us from the edges.

LASunsett said...


//Chirac is one of the best political obfuscators ever, so it's no surprise he's shifting blame again here.//

He is a lame duck. France will be electing a new President next year. Even the presumed Socialist candidate provides an opportunity for improvement. Plus, at least she's a hell of a lot better looking.