Monday, September 18, 2006

Muslim Extremists: Apology Not Good Enough

By now, we have all heard of the recent papal remarks that have caused such an uproar, in the Muslim world. So Pope Benedict, wanting to diffuse the situation, made an apology. But that isn't good enough for Islamic extremists, they feel they deserve a more personal apology. Or, some say it's going to be war.

There are many that already feel that the Pope had no business trying to reason with these people. to start with. They feel this was just another attempt to appease. But, whether he was or wasn't, that is not the issue here. The truth is, the Pope felt the need (or at least, attempt) to show some goodwill and address the issue of violence. That is something all Popes in my lifetime have done; so, there's really nothing new there. He's the Pope, that's what he does, I can't fault him for trying.

So to go with the best of intentions, enters an "offensive" statement. Then comes the backlash and the outrage making the Muslim community look silly. (Take a look at the Logic Lifeline's take on this, here and here.) Then comes the apology, and more outrage at the apology.

But even though the words complained about are not his words, even though he has said that they do not reflect his views, that still does not satisfy blood-thirsty radicals who live (and die) by the sword (or the assault rifles, SAMs, IEDs, etc.). The people that commit such violence against innocent people for the advancement of their oppressive ideology are not interested in anything but jihad. So, it's a pretty safe bet that an apology is not going to make this thing go away.

In fact, here's how they have answered already:

The AP is reporting that five churches have been attacked in Palestinian areas, since the Pope's remarks.

An Italian nun has been slain in Somalia and is believed to have a link to the Pope's remarks.

Will there be more? If I was to bet, I'd most certainly bet yes. But what will it be next? Your guess is as good as mine, I am not in anyone's inner circle, so I have no real hard data to refer to. But, let'ds give this a little thought here.

The Pope is due to visit Turkey soon. So naturally, there is a great concern about the security of his visit. Despite the fact that he is currently on friendly soil, his security has already been beefed up. And it's not a bad idea.

The result of this current outrage has yet to be determined. Traveling to Turkey may not be a good idea at this time. Echoes of the assassination of the Archduke of Ferdinand is still resonating, people haven't forgotten that. Turkey feels they are being jacked around by the EU right now and they are (they have no business in the EU, if you ask me). It does not look like the right time to me. Because, if something happens to the Pope, you know there will be a fallout, unlike you have ever seen before. You will not imagine the backlash, this will create.

If there ever was a moment in time when you began to think that the world is going to explode, you just watch what happens if this were to become a reality. I guarantee you, you will think that everything heretofore has been a cakewalk (at the Noonday Optimist booth at the county fair), compared to what may follow. And the best way to prevent this, is for the Pope not to go.


Binyameen said...

I would have thought better of the Pope had he stood by his statement, but he did not. And although I do not agree with the theology behind his office and I do say that he is a good leader.
When the Muslims say "more personal apology, what they really mean is, "You need to concede Islam as true before the world." Which is what he almost did by backing down, much the same as those reporters who converted to save their own hides. Just shows how weak we really are.

SweetTexasTreat said...

It's really disgusting to me that this will be one of the excuses used to incite violence...what is the world coming to, really when the Pope is demonized??

LASunsett said...


Actually. he didn't completely cave. He apologized for the reaction that some Muslims had over the quote he used. He did not apologize for using the quote, itself. (These were not his words, but the words of a Byzantine emperor.)

But I agree with you, in that, they aren't interested in an apology unless it includes a statement that they can write themselves. And you know that will mean something along the line of what you stated.

Islam means submission and that is the primary objective of these thugs in this matter (and every other matter they undertake as a banner issue). I say, tell them to go to hell.

Thanks for stopping by.

LASunsett said...

Sweet texas,

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

//It's really disgusting to me that this will be one of the excuses used to incite violence...what is the world coming to, really when the Pope is demonized??//

This time, there is not way this can be blamed on the President. In my lifetime there has never been a Pope that approved of violence. This Pope is no exception. Yet, they are twisting his words into something they are not, for the specific purpose of generating a call to war, which is their ultimate goal.

War with western civilization is their primary objective. They just disguise it with political causes of the moment, so as to win favor with those that would not otherwise support their corrupt cause.

Always On Watch said...


As to the Pope's sort-of apology, what might matter more than the words he used is the screaming of headlines ("Pope Apologizes"). Muslims will perceive the Pope's attempt at reconciliation as weakness and--worse--as another victory of Allah (to add to their list: the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon through whatever else in more recent times).

I'm sick of Muslims' temper tantrums! Last winter, we saw the Cartoonifada; now we have the Vaticanifada. And next month or next year, we'll have the ___________.

LASunsett said...


//Muslims will perceive the Pope's attempt at reconciliation as weakness and--worse--as another victory of Allah//

Twisted perception has always been a characteristic of jihadists. They hear what they want to hear, redgardless of what has been said. They see what they want to see, despite what has been written.

You are right though. I wouldn't have said as much as he did, in his (so-called) statement of REGRET, either.

BTW-Cartoonifada and Vaticanifada, I love those ;)