Saturday, September 02, 2006


From the world's most trusted news agency, Reuters:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - The United States said on Friday it was consulting European governments about possible sanctions against Iran for intransigence over its nuclear program, but the EU signaled it wanted to see more dialogue with Tehran.

Try not to laugh. It's really not that funny.

I know. This game gets old and it tends to drag on. But the EU really does want to get this thing solved, so don't be critical of them for not being able to pull the trigger, just yet. They haven't quite fine-tuned their negotiating skills yet and they really need to be able to negotiate, before they can be universally accepted as a valid European entity.

So, it won't hurt at all if it drags out another year or two.

Besides that, who cares if the Iranians get a bomb, right? After all, it is the U.S. and Israel that are at the top of Iran's fecal list, is it not?

Maybe, once Iran gets a bomb and feels empowered to use it as valid leverage, they will remember how the EU was not so hostile towards them and will not threaten them. Maybe, their energies will all be directed towards those that they hate the most, first.

Maybe then, once there is no Israel and a severely weakened United States, there will be peace in the world. Maybe the lion will eat them last.

Maybe. And then again, maybe not.

Maybe, the U.S. is going to be protected by their new missile defense shield, which was just successfully tested. (Read about it,

Maybe the U.S. will have the guts to use it and other weaponry to fight fire, with fire.

Maybe, by the time Iran can load a bomb onto an intercontinental ballistic missile, it can be shot right out of the air and detonated over some poor third world country that has no say in how the negotiations are proceeding right now.

Now, I admit there are a lot of maybes here. But, we just all have to be patient with the Iranians, for they are reasonable. They will see the error of their ways, if we just talk about how we can all get along. Right now the only talking is the EU and US saying stop and the Iranians are saying, NO.

In reality, those that have the abiltity to think logically, analytically, and freely, can see that talking isn't working. But rest assured, we are not asking to muster up a military force to attack Iran, here. All we are asking is to make it harder for them to acquire a bomb, by placing sanctions on them. All we want is for them to realize that the world community is not going to tolerate a rogue radical state to have a weapon of mass destruction; and is willing to isolate them if necessary, until they agree to stop or allow the UN to verify that they are not seeking to do so.

Asking them to rethink all of this without some reasonable leverage is like asking them to play nice, without consequences if they don't. Chamberlain did it with Hitler and what did it get him? Does anyone really think that the Iranians aren't familiar with the Munich Pact?

Maybe, we can have out own Munich Pact, except we can call it the Brussels Pact.

Maybe, it will bring us all peace in our time, and the world will have the EU to thank for it. And it'll be so, because they talked about it.

And then again, maybe not.

Now, come on and roll those dice.

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Shah Alexander said...

>From the world's most trusted news agency, Reuters<

I didn't know that. Let's have a look at some photos by Reuters!

Yes, as you say, there are perception gaps between US and its allies. To my regret, Tony Blair is under attack to set a timetable to step down. This is a negative blow to EU commitment.

Nuclear bombs can proliferate. Once Iran acquires them, other Islamic states and terrorists can acquire them. Then, not only US and Israel but also the whole world will face the threat.