Friday, September 22, 2006

The Man They Call Hugo

For a very informative reading experience, I wholly recommend, Who Is Hugo Chavez?, found at Band Of Bloggers.

Latin American Marxists have been notorious for painting this fantasy-like illusion that communism has the people's best interests, at heart. But as we have seen in Cuba, Nicaragua, and now Venezuela, this system does not work. And not only that, it fosters more corruption than it seeks to replace. It replaces one form of tyranny, with another.

Let's look an economic profile of Venezuela.

If you look at the numbers, you will see that almost half of the Venezuelan population is below the poverty line. Considering the oil revenues that country is able to take in and the bribes that Hugo has spread throughout the world (to try and gain a seat on the UN Security Council), we can see the he is not interested in improving the status quo much. Add to that, they are low in GDP per capita (Table) and high in corruption (Table and Map).

Read this piece on Brother Hugo, look at these tables, and see if you can see right through his facade.

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beakerkin said...

I am having an off day. I was comparing the statements of Hugo Chavez with some of Charles Rangel's remarks but Rangel denounced Chavez

LASunsett said...


//Rangel denounced Chavez//

It's an election year.

Mary Ellen said...


Do you have any quotes where Rangel praised Chavez?

LASunsett said...


//Do you have any quotes where Rangel praised Chavez?//

Not off hand, and I will credit him for sticking up for the president.

But the hypocrisy lies here

"I really think that he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all; it shows that, in this great country, anybody can become president." --Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), on President Bush

He was right when he told Chavez that Bush is the whipping boy, but he's our whipping boy. He has been every bit as ugly towards the President as Chavez.

Mary Ellen said...


I'm not sure what you mean about the hypocrisy lies here...

Are you saying that because of all the stupid and inane things that the President and Rumsfeld,etc. have said ends up on a humor site is hypocrisy?

Of course, the remark made by Rangel was referring to the fact that Bush is not the brightest star in the Universe which is proved by the fact that he has bungled every single job he has ever done, including the Presidency.Not to mention the fact that he can't speak off the cuff without making a fool of himself. So, yes, Rangel was looks like anyone (with money) can be President in the US.

LASunsett said...


//Are you saying that because of all the stupid and inane things that the President and Rumsfeld,etc. have said ends up on a humor site is hypocrisy?//

I am saying that if you condemn someone (anyone) for something you do yourself, it is hypocrisy. I am not convinced that Rangel said this in a humorous light. Just because it ended up at a humoroous site, does not necessarily mean that it was intended to be humorous.

Mary Ellen said...

Regarding this Hugo character...there is no doubt in my mind, the guy is a nut case. However, he is a nut case who is a leader of Venezuala.

I don't know about you, but it seemed to me that the speeches that were given at the UN reminded me of "open mike night" at the local bars. When they were panning the crowd during Bush's speech, you could see some diplomats laughing or rolling their eyes. Bush's speech sounded like something you would hear at an awards banquet...the way he was acknowledging the countries he liked. Then he stood up there chastizing other governments as if they were little school children and he was the master. It was embarrassing!

Hugo was up there acting like a total idiot and looked like he was on some comedy show doing stand up comedy. Sure, he's not going to like Bush. Bush backed a coup to try and oust him. Was anyone expecting him to give high praise?

No matter what side of the aisle you are on (or in the middle of the aisle,like LA), this had to be an embarrassing moment for the UN. I'm used to Bush embarrassing me.

Shah Alexander said...

The media should focus more on Venezuelan economic performance under Chavez.

Strangely enough, they talk too much about anti-American messages by Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela at the Havana meeting. However, the majority of nonalignment members do not agree with them. Leading members like India is developing strategic partnerships with the United States. I mention new US-India relations on my blog for several times.

The media must report news in more balanced viewpoints.

LASunsett said...


I agree with your assessment of the media. We have a saying about the media in America, "If it bleeds, it leads". Anything negative will earn precedence over anything positive.