Tuesday, December 12, 2006

China: Dream A Dream, Reach For A Star; It Matters Not How Far

From the IHT comes this piece.

The Chinese government is encouraging its citizens to openly discuss the prospect of it becoming a world superpower.

China's Communist Party has a new agenda: It is encouraging people to discuss what it means to be a major world power, and has largely stopped denying that China intends to become one soon.

It's not that new. This has been discussed within the Beijing government, since it took control of Hong Kong. Hong Kong provided Beijing with a shot of instant revenue to jump start its venture into the world of free markets. Once they were able to complete the transfer, they became instant lottery winners.

The sleeping giant is stirring and will be fully awake in a few years. Now would be a good time, for a policy on China. Not later.


Leslie Bates said...

And a thought that keeps coming to mind is that since the Russians are building a completely new set of boilers for the Indian carrier VIKRAMADITYA (ex-GORSHKOV) it wouldn't hurt them if they kept the production line open to build a set of boilers and other propulsion machinery for the aircraft carrier VARYAG (or whatever the Chinese will ultimately name it.)

Granted in a real shooting war the VARYAG will be a naval ordinance sponge, but it will a nicely painted naval ordinance sponge.

LASunsett said...


//it will a nicely painted naval ordinance sponge.//

That's assuming there will be someone will to fire that naval ordinance, should it become necessary. If we have another Carter at the time it would be needed, we would be seeking negotiations. Think about it. Taiwan and maybe the Phillipines obliterated, and we would be calling for talks.