Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally!!! Some Measure Of Clarity From The EU.

Here is an article from Reuters on some criticism leveled by EU leaders, at the summit in Brussels.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union accused Iran on Friday of destabilising the Middle East with its nuclear programme and threats towards Israel, in a significant hardening of the 25-nation bloc's tone towards Tehran.

A tough statement drafted for adoption by EU leaders at a summit also condemned Iran's questioning of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews.

"The European Council expresses its concern about the negative impact of Iranian policies on stability and security in the Middle East," the draft statement said.

Absent from the statement are the usual condemnations and generalized blame-placings directed toward the U.S. and Israel. That is a feat, within itself. But, before we all jump for joy at this new found cathartic epiphany, it is also important to note that this is well past the time, it was due.

Not only that, the EU felt it more important to discuss ways to stall Turkey's entry, first. Putting their collective heads together to come up with a good excuse to delay the process was the lead-in, and should have been the afterthought that this issue was relegated to.

One word comes to mind here, priorities. In my view, political triage has long been a deficiency in European foreign policy. But hey, as late and misplaced on the agenda as it was, we'll take it. "Better late than never", I always say.

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