Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Russian International Business Model

America is the largest food producer in the world, and much of it is exported to many other countries that cannot produce their own. We do not use food as a means of extortion.

Russia, however, appears to be using heat in the winter time as a means to extort higher prices from its neighbors.

Russia is preparing to cut off natural gas supplies to neighbouring Belarus and Georgia unless the two former Soviet republics agree by the year-end to pay much higher prices in 2007.

I recommend reading the rest of the article. Read it, and see how the mob mentality has made its way to the everyday business affairs of Russia, and how it now includes the way they do business with their neighbors.

Yet, it is the U.S. that is the subject of many speeches of condemnation, not Russia.


Greg said...

LAS: the World Left has always felt uncomfortable criticizing the USSR/Russia. They don't trust capitalism, for one thing, so that country is a natural ally. The feeling is so strong that they ignore all the human rights abuses. The idea has even more significance now that Russia is clearly in the "peace camp," arguing in favor of Saddam Hussein being allowed to remain the dictator of Iraq, flaunt international law and commit genocide. Plus, Russia is at best ambivalent to Israel, the bete noir of the World Left. Russia is helping the neo-nazis in Iran get the bomb by providing the facility that generates the fuel. In the process Russia helps stick a finger in the eye of Israel and the US.

So, it's not surprising that Europe and the MSM, largely controlled by the World Left, look the other way when Russia acts like the monster that it is. You stick by your friends, right? Plus, criticizing the US won't get you poisoned or shot....

LASunsett said...


// Plus, criticizing the US won't get you poisoned or shot....//

Everything you said makes sense to me, but this last point you make is by far, the most poignant.