Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Thoughts To Ponder

There is an old saying that goes something like this:

No one is completely worthless. At the very least, they can serve as a bad example.

Which brings me to what many socially progressive apologists want us to believe about criminals that commit heinous crimes against humanity.

Many, that fall into this category, make excuses for the behaviors of anti-social types that have no conscious, whatsoever. They cry for rehabilitation, despite the fact that the recidivism rate is astronomical. One example is the child molester.

While it is true that many anti-socials were children that were abused and treated badly, not all were. But once there is a trial for someone that has committed such a heinous crime, we can always expect this kind of defense to be brought into the courtroom. Denying responsibility has become a sport, of sorts. It's a "let's see if we can beat the system" kind of game.

But I am here to tell you that while my childhood was better than many, it wasn't without some dysfunction. Being the child of two alcoholic parents was not fun and has left a lasting impression, that I will never forget. My teenage years were not filled with the love, patience, and understanding that I have tried to show towards my two children, throughout their lives. Nor was it filled with a lot of teaching, but with lecturing, ass-chewings, threats, and intimidations.

Regardless of my childhood and teenage years not being the best, I still think I turned out okay.

Other than a little misunderstanding with the MPs while in the Army (that cost me two weeks of extra duty) almost 30 years ago and another one with some local police (that cost me a few bucks)around 25 years ago, I have been a fine, upstanding citizen that has held a job almost my entire life, and excelled at almost all of them. When I stood in front of my company commander and the blind judge that could smell BS a mile away, I did what I thought everyone should do. And that was own up to my lapse in judgements, take my punishment like a man, and learn from my mistakes. Despite these errors, I still was discharged from the Army honorably and with several medals for meritoious service and have made a name for myself among those that I live and work with.

So to those people that cannot/will not learn from their mistakes, always remember this little saying here. And as you sit in your jail or prison cell contemplating and reflecting on why you deserve what you have, I also ask you to remember to accept your lot in life as society's bad examples. Because of this, I can continue to teach my children what you look like and how you act, so they will not go down that same path. In spite of the fact that you have caused many people great pain and suffering by continuing to commit crimes against your fellow man, you actually do us all a service by serving in this capacity.

While my children are far from perfect, they have a set of core values planted in them. Yes, I still bail them out of financial messes from time to time and yes, my son is wanting to change his major after one semester due to some indecision. But, both are good solid people that have these same values that I have worked so hard to teach to them. But beyond that, I realize that
all it takes is one slip in judgement to screw up what was otherwise, a stellar existence. And that is why they are still in my prayers, daily.

Furthermore, allow me to say, there has been no role that I have enjoyed more in my life than the role of fatherhood. And now that I have been blessed with a little grandson, I have resumed a variation of that role, all over again. I couldn't be more enamored with him, nor could I love him anymore than I do. So needless to say, I wouldn't trade it for all of the world.

I do not say this to garner praise, because in many ways, I feel that what I have done has been just adequate or the bare minimum. But if I can do it, most anyone that has enough desire to do so, can do it too.


I. Myte said...

Amen LA. Amen

Greg said...

I can relate completely LAS. Parenthood is the perfect way to reverse the curse! It has definitely helped me put some of my parents' mistakes in perspective. Sometimes I think my parents' mistakes made me a better parent.

No matter how you've been raised, you have to take responsibility for your own actions as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Many, that fall into this category, make excuses for the behaviors of anti-social types that have no conscious, whatsoever

I think you meant that they have no "conscience". ;)

Jo Ann