Monday, December 04, 2006

Open Thread Monday (After A Keeping Up With The Grandson Weekend)

Boy, I tell you that keeping up with a two year old this weekend, simply wore me out. I was so tired last night, I didn't even watch Sunday Night Football or the BCS announcements. Neither did I have time to do anything that resembles a reasonably sane post.

So, if you want to discuss the NFL results yesterday or the Bowl selections, this can be your chance.

If sports are not your thing, take a look at the latest post by PYY regular, AC at Fore Left. Want to see what the new incoming House Homeland Security Committee Chairman wants to do right off the bat? Hold on to your hats, turn on some soft new age music, and do some deep breathing before you read it.


Greg said...

I'll talk about the NFL (who cares about BCS - what a scam).

Where is the Super Bowl favorite this year? Nobody really looks like the team to beat. My team, the Patriots, look uncharacteristically sloppy with turnovers and penalties. Very furstrating to watch.

The Colts continue to be soft, especially on defense. Can't win the SB w/o defense.

Bears have no QB. You can win the SB with an average QB, but not one that keeps turning the ball over.

The Ravens & Chargers look like the most complete teams, I guess, but I'm still not blown away with the former's offense or the latter's defense. Guess I should be thankful that there will be plenty of suspense from now through the playoffs....

Greg said...

Ok, so no one's interested in football.

How about John Bolton? Can someone explain to me what is so controversial about this guy, and why he didn't deserve confirmation? Seemed to me like he did a fine job up at the UN.

LASunsett said...

Sorry. Greg. I am very busy at work and haven't got much time to respond.

1. One team everyone should now be watching is Dallas. 5-1 since Romo took over.

2. Bolton has been a sore spot with the Dems since the day he was nominated. It's beyond me. They say they don't like his management style. Well, i can say that i do not like their governing style, but that's not relevant, or so they say.