Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Quote To Ponder

I am back in a busy stretch again, so posting is light today.

I have posted this quote a couple of times in the past. But I have to say, I rarely tire of it because there is much truth to it.

There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, and the third is useless.

Niccolo Machiavelli

Here at PYY we have had all three at one time or another. But I have to say, the overwhelming majority have been in the first two classes. Those in the third class have been so very rare and they rarely return. So I want it to be known, I do appreciate all of you that grace this site on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading.


Greg said...

I've like never been called like an "intellect" before. Wicked awesome.

Mary Ellen said...


Are you sure he wasn't referring to you as the third one? :-D


You know I love ya the intellectual sense, I mean. ;-)

Greg said...

Mary Ellen, as Cartman would say, "He, he. Very funny, you guys. He, he."


Anonim said...

Greetings to all.

LA, here is something I came across: 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know at FYI.

LASunsett said...

Interesting stuff there Anonim.

As the blogosphere blooms, there will be an increased need to know and understand the legal aspect of all of this. Thanks for sharing it.

I looked at it carefully and put my work up to some examination and here's what I have arrived at so far (by the numbers in the article):

1. I do not take money for, make money from, nor do I sell any advertising. At such time as I do, I will disclose it.

2. Deep Linking may get tricky. I do deep link. Most bloggers do. But I never claim another's work as my own. Many MSM outlets have started deep linking, but have yet to see one that claims the work, linked to (unless it was in fact their own)

3. The use of images and thumbnails is tricky but not as much as the deep linking. I do not use many images at all, except for the occasional You Tube embedded video. On YT, there usually is a an embed code, unless it is disabled. If it's there, I would think it's a safe bet that permission has been granted to use it.

4. I do not know if anyone has stolen any of my content or not. I haven't really cared much, as I am not one of the bigger blogs anyway. Since I do not earn my living from this, I haven't seen a need to be overly concerned that someone is using my words to make themselves look good or better. Even if they do, they and I know the truth. If they can live with it, so can I.

5. No trademarks here except for a few that give permission. No one has written me a "cease and desist" yet.

6. What little private data I do have on anyone in the blogosphere will never be revealed by me, unless they reveal it first. Never.

7. As far as user content is concerned, I have never used a comment in a post unless credit was given to the writer. I do not front many comments at all, to start with. But such as I have done, I have credited the commenter.

8. As you know, I run a tighter ship than many in regard to comments. Fortunately, I have only deleted comments by two different people, on two different occasions. I have never banned anyone. Even those that had their comments deleted, are still welcome back, if they follow the rules.

9. Tax laws are not relevant, because there is no money being made here.

10. See #9.

11. I never Spam. I rarely self-promote, even on my own blog. I never go to anyone's blog just to solicit for hits.

12. I do not claim to be a journalist. I am just another bozo with a blog and a few ideas here and there (some orthodox and others not so orthodox). I try to maintain a certain level of integrity by stating my claims as my own and on two occasions when I was clearly proven my sources were faulty, I posted retractions.

All in all, I am happy with the way this blog has turned out. I will always try to do the best I can, with the time I have. If I am wrong I am sure there will be those that will tell me so. ;)

Beyond that, there will always be honest disagreements in opinions. I encourage that.

By insisting this not be used as a medium to insult people for thinking differently, I am sure I have sacrificed some hits and comments. By not trolling around the blogosphere leaving comments to get curiosity hits, I am sure I have lost some opportunities to expand my readership like others that have been here as long as me.

As I have said before, hits aren't nearly as important as putting out some quality posts that attract free thinking intelligent people to read them. I have many regulars that have yet to comment, so something draws them here other than the need to use this as a message board.

So, if this be the case, I have to think that I have done something right along the way. Tale yourself, for example. Something drew you here. You are smart, you are a thinker. You come and lurk for a while, then you comment for a while, then you repeat the process all over again. But that's quite alright, sir. Because you are one of the reasons this blog is here, it was you and people like you that I WANT to read this blog and leave your input.

So, again thanks for posting this deep link to blogger law and your continued support of PYY.

And that goes for all that regularly come here. What makes you come here is not always clear to me, but you do. And I appreciate it greatly.

Anonim said...

Hi LA, I thought your blog would fare well (without much doubt really) on most accounts. Deep linking & embedded images/clips are an exception, not only for you but for me as well (not blogging but maintaining a small organizational site). YouTube displays its logo on SE corner of embedded clips, and links automatically to the original YouTube page featuring the particular clip. I'd take this to be more than sufficient, but FYI they request conspicuous mention/credit from embedders (sth like that) in the fine print of their terms and conditions. I ignore this myself. Images (n/a or rare on your blog) are more problematic on most blogs as far as I can see; a caption linking to the front page of the source might do the trick when needed. As for deep linking, you want to pinpoint the reader to a particular page without his having to search starting off at the front page of the source. Also, you typically link a certain phrase in your sentence to an external page, so it's hard to give credit there. But at the cost of making sentences a bit longer and tedious, you could do, e.g., "Check these (deeplink)12 important laws(/deeplink) at (link)"

Our appreciations are mutual. You manage this place spectacularly. I learned a lot from you to be honest. Not that I have an outlet where I apply it, but you're always welcoming and de-escalatory, and you know how to let go off some things (which inflame people at most other places).

P.S. About ownership of user-driven content, no, you're not using it as your own, but the fine point there is, if a user later comes and asks you to modify or remove a particular comment of his, you have to (unless you have a condition saying all discretion is yours). As for private data about users, SiteMeter statistics accessible by any visitor is something to ponder. Remember the PPTOG incident some time ago?

LASunsett said...


//As for private data about users, SiteMeter statistics accessible by any visitor is something to ponder. Remember the PPTOG incident some time ago?//

Are you still able to access my sitemeter? I thought I took care of that. If you are still getting in, let me know. I have to sign in each time I want to check it, so I have assumed that it's the same for all.

Thanks for the kind words and all that you add.

Anonim said...

No, I can't see your SiteMeter stats. I had noticed the change after that incident. My comment about it was for the general audience. Btw, SiteMeter is going through a facelift; it may also be that it is not going to show detailed stats (IP addresses, location information, etc.) to anyone without the password. But I am not sure about this.)