Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welcome To The PYY Blogroll

I have been remiss in adding to the PYY blogroll as of late, so I would like to introduce my readers to some new blogs recently added to the exclusive PYY Blogroll.

Many times new blogs start up with a ball of fire and yet, they manage to fizzle out after a short time. But this blog looks like it's going to make it. It's a team blog with three different writers. They are thinkers and good writers of what they think. Please visit Praesidium Respublicae and leave a comment or two, if you so desire. I think they will appreciate it greatly.

Now that the French election is over, gone is French Election 2007. But not to fear, the same blogmeister is now running his new blog called, Politique. It centers on French politics from an American perspective. It is not a French-bashing site (or else I would not bother to link to it). It is informative and well-written. Check it out, when you get a moment.

Last but certainly not least is a blog that centers on life in one of the former Soviet Republics, Belarus. In addition, it chronicles a harrowing experience by the administrator five years ago, in Poland. If you get the time read the experience and the other posts contained within. It's run by an American ex-patriot who used to comment here on PYY frequently and we all wish he'd come back soon. Check out Being Had.

And as always, thanks you all so much for reading PYY.

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