Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Standard Of Incompetence

Rarely do I post about local stories unless they have national or international importance. But, I cannot let this one go untouched.

Meet Dr. Peggy Hinkley, Superintendent of Warren Township Schools in Indianapolis. The school district does not have much information about her on their web site like other districts. Except for her educational background, it's pretty much lacking in information. Maybe that's because she has this knack for seeing her district in the news, mostly in a negative light.

Back in March, it was revealed that two sixth graders had sex in a shop class with the teacher present. (You may note that the incident occurred in November, but it wasn't brought to light until March.) This incident hit the local and national news with a fury, with a lot of attention coming from Bill O'Reilly.

Today, we see Dr. Hinkley's MSD Warren Township back in the news, with this article from the Indy Star.

On the day a Warren Central High School senior was formally charged with raping another student, Superintendent Peggy Hinkley vowed to do everything possible to ensure student safety.

This is easy for her to say now. But where I come from, reactive is never preferable to proactive. This incident, coupled with the sixth grade sex in shop class scandal, is giving the distinct impression that Dr. Hinkley is an extremely ineffective leader and would do better to sit somewhere on an advisory board, one that meets once a fiscal quarter and has no authority to make policy.

But that's not the half of it. A local attorney and radio talk-show host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz has a list of things that should be considered in making the determination of incompetence of not only Dr. Hinkley, but the entire Warren Township School Board.

Here is his interview with Bill O'Reilly back during the Raymond Park Middle School incident:

PYY is highly appalled that this current leadership is still in place after this incident alone. But if that's not enough, we now have the rape allegation to add to a long list of incidents that would (or at least should) require some kind of intervention to spark some directional change. And it must start at the top. By that I mean, Dr. Hinkley needs be fired. If not, the School Board must be put on notice by the citizens of Warren Township that they will not have a job very long, if she is allowed to continue as chief administrator of that district.

We ask our students to strive to maintain high standards of academic excellence. How can we expect them to do this, when all they can see is the low standard of incompetence from those that are charged with teaching them?

So, do you think that will solve the problem alone? If you do, think again.

If you looked at that list of incidents from Abdul's website, you will remember reading about the janitor that molested the 7 year old. Well, he had his sentencing yesterday. Here is what the Indy Star reports, on this:

Aaron K. Giroud had faced up to eight years in prison, but Marion Superior Court Judge Robert Altice instead gave him a two-year sentence, plus two years on probation. Altice said his clean criminal history and extensive medical problems justified the more lenient sentence.

If idiot judges do not want to protect our children (as evidenced by this light sentence) while in school, then it is imperative that school administration officials do so before they get to the judiciary system.


A.C. McCloud said...

A lot of this is probably due to the inability for leaders to make the tough decisions anymore. Surely the threat of lawsuits and fired employees "going postal" have affected the process.

Cronyism is another factor, something which we've had a problem with here in Memphis for years (regardless of whether whites or blacks control the government). It's hard to fire a friend, especially if the friend knows everything about you.

LASunsett said...


Hinkley was brought in to clean up after a scandal with the last superintendent. Obviously, she hasn't done her job very well. I am just glad my kids weren't in this school district.

There are nine school districts in Indy alone (not including suburban). This is one of the worst.