Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another Blast From The Past

For 40 years, this weekend's artist has been writing songs (and singing them). A little rough at the outset of his career, he is now a household name in the music world. And he has been since the early 70s, when he took the music world by storm. From his glamour-rock days through the experimentation with new wave, one thing has always rang true: David Bowie has always stayed true to the spirit of rock and roll.

His first hit that put him on the map was a very unique folk tune, with a very spacey 70s edge. Here is that song (along with some great video), it's called Space Oddity:

One of the bigger selling albums Bowie put out in the 70s, was Aladdin Sane. Oddly enough, the big single from that release was a Stones song. But my favorite one from that LP was a real rock and roll song, called Panic In Detroit. Here is a 1997 live version, definitely worth a look:

As the 80s came, the mainstream rock scene was one of avant garde experimentation. Bowie was no different. This was especially true of his 83 album release, Let's Dance. The title song was a cross between disco and new wave, which sold quite well. But my favorite tune from that album was one that stayed solidly in the rock genre. I cannot tell you how much I really like this one. Here is my favorite song from that record, it's called Cat People (Putting Out Fire With Gasoline):

As much as I like these previous songs, I cannot do a Bowie tribute without posting the greatest Bowie song ever. It's a pensive song with a mellow tune that will always be a favorite of mine. I think it's one of the better songs ever written, by anyone. The title says it all, it's called Heroes:


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