Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Recommended Reading

It's another long day for me. But if you want something interesting to read, I have some things here you may be interested in looking at:

Interesting discussion over at Mustang's Social Sense. Take a look here.

Equally interesting is this post by AC at Fore Left.

Interesting article over at NRO, about the efficacy of Congress. You can say NRO is biased if you want, but the vast majority of Americans think this Congress is a dismal failure (albeit for different reasons).

Today's liberalism is not your daddy's brand of liberalism. You can read about it here in the LA Times.


Rocket said...

Damn those Patriots. Damn them! Damn them!

I was up until 6am this morning and had a full day of work after. All for nothing.

So what's your take on the game Greg!

Greg said...

Got an hour, Rocket?

My first thought is that it was disheartening to watch my team - a team that prides itself on pushing other teams around the field - get physically dominated by the Ravens' offense. The Ravens' offense is terrible. They scored 9 points on San Francisco, for Christ's sake! I'm not confident about Sunday's game vs. Pittsburgh.

But my second thought was that this is a lot like the Chargers game in the playoffs last year, where one team lost b/c it was not disciplined and the Patriots were. It's good to see them continue to perform under extreme pressure (and on a hostile field) while the home team crumbles.

Also, I laughed and laughed at the Ravens' whining about the refs after the game. The Ravens actually took a page from the Patriots' playbook (see '01 SB vs. Rams, '04 AFC Champ vs. Colts) by simply manhandling Patriots receivers and daring the officials to call it. They mostly didn't call it all game, but thankfully, one ref had the guts to call holding when it really counted (in the endzone on the final drive by the Pats). But notice they didn't have the balls to call offensive interference when one receiver shoved Randall Gay out of bounds and another put a choke-hold on Samuel on the very last play of the game. So the Ravens should simply stop whining and admit they totally blew a game they had many chances to win.

Great game though! I was standing the whole second half, chugging Miller Lite to calm my nerves. I felt like ass today and even had to close my office door and nap for 30 minutes to be able to function. That's what football does to me.....

Flocon said...

LA, I thought you might be interested with this piece.

Especially the last paragraph.

Or this one as well...

Rocket said...


"and another put a choke-hold on Samuel on the very last play of the game."

The game was over so a whistle wasn't blown IMHO. What would have been the officials reaction if the TD had been scored.

PS - This Raven - Scott should have been shot for his bickering and flag throwing. Until his antics there was still a chance for the Ravens.

But a very surprising performance by the Pats indeed. They no longer look invincible to me.

My predictions for the Superbowl next week. I think you are going to be surprised.

PS - I was in Southern Florida last week where my family lives. How bout them Dolphins!

Greg said...

Love those Dolphins, Rocket. Where would my team be without Welker? :0

LASunsett said...

Hi Flocon,

In short, what Mr. Robinson describes in his essay is neurosis. Paranoia is classified as a psychosis. Robinson may be accurate in his behavioral descriptions, but he did not title his column correctly.

Greg said...

Rocket: I wanted you to see this video from the end of the game Monday night. Hilarious.


Rocket said...


I saw that and wondered what the hell is going on in the NFL. I guess these guys need to get in touch with their feminine side.

They're always patting each other on the ass so now it's time to move to the next step.

Doctor Phil anyone!

I wanted to go to a Dolphins game and my brother in law gave me a dirty look so I didn't push it.