Friday, December 07, 2007

China On Global Warming: It's The West's Responsibility

China, doing what they do best, is blaming the West and the U.S. in particular for global warming.

China insisted Friday the U.S. and other wealthy nations should bear the burden of curbing global warming, saying the problem was created by their lavish way of life. It rejected mandatory emission cuts for its own developing industries.

Environmental activists, meanwhile, labeled the United States and Saudi Arabia the worst "climate sinners," accusing them of having inadequate polices for climate problems while letting greenhouse gas emissions rise. But the activists also said no country is doing enough.

Nothing new here, it's fashionable to blame America these days.

Su Wei, a top climate expert for China's government attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference, said the job belongs to the wealthy. He said it was unfair to ask developing nations to accept binding emissions cuts and other restrictions being pushed for already industrialized states.

Because they are developing, China believes they deserve a pass. How misguided are they? Take a look at this. Then come back and tell us all how it's the West's responsibility to curb emissions. If this doesn't convince you take a look at this report from the BBC:

Los Angeles in it's smog heyday couldn't compete with this scene.


Mustang said...

I suppose it would be possible to view film clips from all around the globe, and most would depict worse conditions than found in California. Yes, China — and India, Pakistan, parts of Vietnam, and of course, there is a lake comparable in size of the Gulf of Mexico that disappeared in Russia. But apparently, you do not seem to understand how this global disaster gig works, LA. Select the one nation in the world that is so successful across the board, and then blame it for every problem in the world. That’s the ticket, me boy-o.

I am certain that the US could do better, and I am convinced that it will do better. But no matter how much better the US gets in environmental issues, it will never be good enough for the Greens. Now, if we could just figure out what happened to that lake in Georgia . . .

LASunsett said...

//Now, if we could just figure out what happened to that lake in Georgia . . .//

We could ask Dr. Gray. He's the one that blew the big prediction of all of the hurricanes we were supposed to get this year. Do you suppose that some of the water in that lake would have come from hurricane precipitation?

If so, thanks be to the good doctor.