Thursday, December 06, 2007

News In Brief (And The Usual Opinionated Commentary)

Risky Romney

As Romney prepares to make a speech about his Mormon faith, there are some that think he's taking a huge gamble. Personally, I do not care about a President's faith when I cast my vote. I am not electing a pastor. I think it's a dangerous precedent for evangelicals to set. It may even partially explain the recent rise in Huckabee's numbers, especially from those that are not pleased that Romney is a Mormon. People like James Dobson seriously need to get over themselves. I am not sure about Romney either, but it isn't because he is a Mormon.

Top Five Election Mistakes, So Far

Tom Bevan has them at RCP. I am not sure I agree with the exact order Tom puts them. But by the time this campaign is over, these will seem like little things, the night is still young.

Nothing New Here

Like the heading on this item says, this is not a new thing. But Flocon is once again singing the praises of Jacques Chirac for standing up to the arrogant American empire and being right about Iraq (although the overall outcome has yet to be written). I swear, Chirac must be his Ronald Reagan. ;)

Looks Like Europeans Are Smitten By Technology

If they are not careful, they will find themselves in a similar predicament as Americans. And that would be bad. Very Bad. ;)


Greg said...

On the election mistakes, I don't know about the order either, but boy, I couldn't agree more on my boy McCain. It's frustrating to think of what could have been b/c to me McCain is head and shoulders above all other Republican candidates. He's experienced, tough, principled and a genuine American hero. To anyone who is undecided as of yet, I highly recommend Senator McCain!

Greg said...

Looks Like Europeans Are Smitten By Technology

Or porn....

Flocon said...

Hi LA,

you could make a fortune in the PR business, you know that?

Please not the "arrogant American empire" are your words... ;-)

Please also note the following: "Jacques Chirac is the least missed president of a huge majority of the French who certainly would be hard pressed to remember anything positive he made on the domestic stage"

Thanks for your interest anyway...

LASunsett said...

//Or porn....//

I wondered about that. ;)

LASunsett said...

//Thanks for your interest anyway...//

Sure thing, monsieur. You know me, anytime I can help I try to do so. ;)

Rocket said...

Oh yes! Mais oui! We Americans have a lot to learn from an indicted embezzler in the person of Jacques Chirac (praised be his name).

Thank you so much Mr. Chirac (praised be his name) and thank you France for giving us Americans a lesson on morality.

Regardless, we will continue to devote about 5 seconds a week to France (praised be her name) in our press.

Flocon (praised be his name)- First an expert on America and now quickly becoming the reference for all things Japanese. (sorry LA but you'll have to learn French (praised be it's name) to understand the utter drivel he is writing on the Empire of the Rising Sun)

Pedantry through magazine reading at it's best.

LASunsett said...


//sorry LA but you'll have to learn French (praised be it's name) to understand the utter drivel he is writing on the Empire of the Rising Sun//

Well, French-style socialism is at enmity with capitalism. Japan is very capitalist and anything capitalist is fair game for criticism. No?