Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Blogroll Additions

During the last local election cycle I posted a lot on the Indianapolis mayoral race. I posted it mainly for my national and international readers; but to my pleasant surprise, it generate hundreds of hits from the Indy area (as well as hundreds from outside). Of those hundreds of hits, only one reader of those posts has commented and has become a regular.

So, today I want to introduce my readers to Obob's World, which is now a part of the PYY blogroll.

In November, I was a guest on the Blog Talk Radio program entitled The Gathering Storm, hosted by AOW and WC from The Gathering Storm blog. AOW has been on the PYY blogroll for over two years now, but I have been remiss for not showing my appreciation for the invitation, by blogrolling WC's blog. It has now been rectified.

Check them both out when you get a chance, and be sure to tell them LA sent you.


Obob said...

thank you for the compliment. I have you linked, I like the local flavor.

LASunsett said...

You are welcome, Obob. Thanks for your input here.

Anonymous said...

Both are good choices, LA. I'm going to add Obob to my blogroll, too. But that's it. No more Indianians (is that a word?) because the maximum limit is two.


LASunsett said...

//is that a word?//