Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Doudou Coming to America

That's right. You read it right.

Dr. Doudou Diene of Senegal is coming and the NY Sun has details:

As an African American politician is set to assume for the first time in the country’s history the leadership of a major political party, a Geneva-based United Nations human rights investigator plans to come here next week to investigate whether racism plays a role in the presidential campaign, according to a statement released yesterday.

The special rapporteur on “contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance,” Doudou Diène of Senegal, will arrive in America Monday for a two-week tour that will take him to Washington, New York, Chicago, Omaha, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the statement.

Mr. Diene “is scheduled to hold meetings with representatives of the government, both at national and local levels, and with members of the legislative and judiciary branches,” the statement said. He will also hobnob with “non-governmental organizations, community members, representatives of political parties, academics, and other organizations and individuals working in the field of racism and discrimination.”

Outstanding. Brilliant, even. I wonder how many committee meetings it took to come with this gem of a plan.

This means that people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, left-wing professors that teach African studies, and maybe if we are lucky, Louis Farrakhan will get to weigh in on the terrible racism problem that we have, right here in the evil imperialist America. How objective will they be in their assessments?

But this is not the half of it.

This also means that the UN (an organization that seems to be powerless to stop the killings in Darfur) is going to be looking at attitudes, stereotypes, and dreaming up some skewed and predetermined finding which will no doubt paint the American electorate as racist, if they do not elect Barack Obama.

This is an organization that seats Sudan on the commission and turns a blind eye to Sudanese Arabs killing Sudanese Blacks. In addition, countries like China, Zimbabwe, Russia, Saudi Arabia are on seated. Past members include Algeria, Syria, Libya, and Vietnam.

Just wait and see.

If Obama is not elected, there will be cries of racism from one end of the earth, to the other. If he is elected, every time someone tries to argue against the Obama Administration's stances, proposals, and policies, there will be cries of racism from every entity mentioned heretofore in this post (and then some).

There is no winning this.


Greg said...

Don't be so quick to pre-judge, LAS. I'm sure the UN investigator will give America a fair shake. The UN always does, right?


Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for more than a year. Our elections are going to be full of Doodoo. This doesn't make me happy, even if I do feel vindicated.

What really does tick me off is that I wasn't in on either Enron or the UN Oil for Food scam. I could be filthy rich in either case, but nooooo. Were it not for the latter "scandal," I wouldn't have any confidence in the UN whatsoever.

Well, that is until DooDoo showed up on our radar screen. Thinking, it can only get better from here.

A.C. McCloud said...

Let me be the first to brand you a racist for questioning the timing of this , LA.


LASunsett said...


You forgot to turn your head, Greg. The only thing that beats an inguinal check is a prostate check.

LASunsett said...

//Our elections are going to be full of Doodoo.//


I thought they already WERE.

LASunsett said...

//Let me be the first to brand you a racist for questioning the timing of this , LA. //

There you go AC. So egocentric that you think you are the FIRST. ;)