Monday, November 10, 2008

Look Boss, De Plane De Plane

Great article in the Weekly Standard on why the the prospect of a unified nation under Obama is nothing more than a fantasy.

"To those Americans whose support I have yet to earn--I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your president too."

--Barack Obama, November 4, 2008

If he hears the voices of those that are against socialist programs and still implements them anyway, how will that unify the nation?

Just asking.


L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

“Voices Unheard During The Campaign”

As a simple intellectual exercise, Amerloque and one of his siblings thought they would have some fun during Sunday brunch – and demonstrate why the MSM should no longer be trusted or even respected. (grin)

_ _ _ _ _

Anonymous sources within the Obama campaign are wondering whether to make public details of decisions made in off the record meetings during the 2008 primary season. At one, reportedly in January, it was purportedly demonstrated just how credit and debit card use could disguise the foreign origin of campaign funds. This would require the candidate to reject public financing.

_ _ _ _ _

Immigration and Naturalization Services are bracing for a huge influx of both illegal and legal immigrants, informed Washington sources say. Millions of people from the Third World, impressed by the United States’ willingness to elect a minority president, are planning to enter the country by hook or by crook so as to get a piece of the action. Currently topping the list are several strongmen from Africa who have outlived their usefulness in their own country.

_ _ _ _ _

According to reliable sources in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden was chosen for VP candidate because “after thirty or so years in Washington, he owes something to everyone within the Beltway. He would be relatively easy to control if for some reason the country had to disown its president.” When asked what event could entail an Obama impeachment, disappearance, or resignation, the source refused to speculate.

_ _ _ _ _

Senior Obama campaign officials are reportedly preparing to deny that the slogan “Bro’s, not Hoe’s” originated in a late-night get-together at which the candidate himself was present. A disgruntled highly-placed female staffer, who was upset by the blatant sexism, is planning to leave the Democratic team, but has refused to be named.

_ _ _ _ _

Unnamed sources at the New York Times state that they are preparing to reveal details of the carefully laid anti-Republican CAP (Character Assassination Plan) plan hatched by management staffers in early Spring, 2008. Under vociferous pressure from senior female reporters and columnists, who feared that the progressive agenda for women implemented over the past quarter century would be endangered by a Republican win, the alleged plan was modified as soon as Sarah Palin was designated VP candidate. It is reported that one staffer said, “All’s fair in love and war, and politics is war. It’s crucial to preserve our advantage. We have to crucify her every day, because she represents a genuine threat to media supremacy.” A message seeking comment left with the NY Times management was not immediately returned.

_ _ _ _ _

This paper has learned that on approximately ten occasions during the final weeks of the campaign, Michelle Obama reportedly disappeared off the campaign staffers’ radar. The anonymous source, who cannot be named because she is not authorized to speak for the Obama electoral camp, added that “in big cities, Michelle would take off during the late afternoon, about 5 o’clock. There was always a luxury hotel within easy walking distance. She’d come back two or so hours later, out of breath, with her hair all mussed up.”

_ _ _ _ _

An internal campaign memo dated March 2008, a photocopy of which was shown to this paper’s reporter, outlines the Obama campaign’s tactics for distancing its candidate from critical information in the press. A team was delegated to phone -- and in some cases, visit -- reporters known for their centrist and Republican ideas. Reportedly named to lead this team was U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill), sometimes known as ‘The Enforcer’. Emanuel was unreachable for comment.

_ _ _ _ _

Reliable Democratic Party aides say that there seems to be some question about Barack Obama’s certificate of live birth, which is unavailable. These sources report that no one in the Party knows whether it can be proven with absolute certainty that the President-elect was born in the USA, as required by the US Constitution, and not simply adopted in Indonesia when his mother remarried.

_ _ _ _ _

Citing inside sources at the Obama campaign, the Washington Post has learned that the President-elect is currently seeking a ‘significant media event’ to underline his inauguration speech. The front-runner as these lines are written is a noteworthy idea suggested by the Congressional Black Caucus, changing the name ‘White House’ to ‘Black House’.

_ _ _ _ _

The above are all imaginary --- or are they ?

Golly, that sure was easy. Must do it again, sometime. (grin)


Z said...

What scared ME more was "For those who didn't vote for me...I hear you" I thought "I hope you don't SEE US....or FIND US!" !!!

What they did to Joe the Plumber should never be forgiven but OOPS, the media FORGOT TO CONDEMN IT (barely mentioned it)...thank goodness for conservative blogs.

Our MEDIA is what needs CHANGE the most..."Look Boss, De Shame De Shame"

LASunsett said...


That's the beauty of this thing, now we get to hear how inept, corrupt, and arrogant the NEW Administration is. Once someone attains to this level, the real story seems to make its way out.

It will be interesting to know what these people are saying behind closed doors. Someone will eventually get irritated, leave the Administration, write books, and go on the talk circuit to promote the book.

LASunsett said...

//What they did to Joe the Plumber should never be forgiven but OOPS, the media FORGOT TO CONDEMN IT (barely mentioned it)...thank goodness for conservative blogs.//

What the Dems fail to understand is, each time they do something underhanded like this, it sets a precedent. Next time, the GOP will not feel any guilt about doing something like this. By letting anyone get away with this, it merely opens the door for more misuse of power.

Praesidium Respublicae said...

If he hears the voices of those that are against socialist programs and still implements them anyway, how will that unify the nation?

It won't.


Anonymous said...

Ditto what Sam said! Yeah, that's a lame answer but it's the perfect answer to your question! :-)