Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Preponderance Of The Vote

I recently wrote a piece in which I tried to hypothesize about how I would feel, if Obama were to be elected President. There are some things I would like to say more accurately, maybe even clarify and expound a little deeper. And it's very possible, many of you will disagree with me for one reason or another. But all of us will be in similar boats, which means we must endure whatever hand is dealt when the votes are counted.

I am not thoroughly excited about McCain even though I respect him, like him, and think he's as genuine of a politician as one can find. He has earned the right to believe what he wants, he has earned the right to agree or disagree with anyone he sees fit. Despite this admiration, I don't get a "thrill" running up and down my legs, when I think about him as a candidate or even more importantly, as President.

Are their better people in America who are better for the job? Absolutely. But they are not running and he is the only viable candidate. He is the one that won't screw up the country nearly as fast. His background isn't pristine clean, very few politicians can claim this. But he has been tested. He has been tried. And he has been proven.

Obama has not. Neither has he been rightfully vetted, by the media or the Democratic Party. His background is highly questionable and his record has been sparse, at best. He has far less experience than John McCain, on the national or international level. He has a European-style socialist economic view, wants to redistribute wealth, and is proposing to spend us into oblivion while doing it.

For me this is a no-brainer. But as we all know, there are some that still think Obama is the best choice.

I suspect there are a good many reasons for people supporting Obama. Some think that it's just time for a black man. For black veterans that came back from Vietnam, Korea, and WWII and still couldn't get a seat at the lunch counter in some places, this is a momentous event and rightfully so. This is something they can have some pride in. I have known a few over the years and I am truly glad for them - but only in this aspect. But as happy I am for them, I am equally as puzzled as to why they would throw their lifelong value systems out the door, while supporting him.

Some people just want a Democrat. For all of the party hacks that have put partisan politics above country, shame on them. Some merely want a leftist, a Marxist, someone that realizes the dream of a United Socialist Republic of America. These are they that vehemently hate George Bush and want to undo anything he did, for some kind of righteous retribution.

But as for me, I don't want Obama.

It has nothing to do with his skin color and has everything to do with his political beliefs, stances on the issues, and overall vision for America. I do not believe socialist programs will work in this country, we've thrown money at problems for decades and the problems we have now are far worse than they ever were. I do not believe in penalizing hard work and killing incentives to work harder. I honestly believe that true freedom can only be realized with a free market system.

So what if my belief system proves to be in the minority this time around?

Will my life be ruined? I won't allow that to happen because I am a survivor.

Will I forsake my core principles? Never.

Will this country hit a road bump, will a President Obama do damage to the nation if he implements some of his agenda? Temporarily, yes.

We may have a tough road ahead. The nation may have to reacquaint itself with the Carter years. But make no mistake, they will not prevail. Conservatism will not die, moderation will not be compromised. The same morals, values, and core beliefs will only grow stronger within those of us that believe the way most of us do. And they will be planted in those that are now skeptical, once they have had the opportunity to see firsthand how social engineering and socialist economics fails a society.

Yes, the pendulum swings back hard. If they win, they will have to govern. They will have our eyes watching them, they will have our ears listening to them. We will call them out, whenever the situation warrants. They will have to give an account as to why the country is no better off, after trusting leftist philosophy to guide us out of our own entanglements.

And when they cannot give a reasonable account, it will give occasion for a new champion of the people, a new leader that will be a model standard bearer for America's future. The next Ronald Reagan must be born from the womb of adversity. He/she must rise out of the ineptitude that permeates the current political system in this country.

But before we must look at this scenario as a reality, we must know who wins this election. It really could be that McCain will pull off one of the biggest upsets in American political history.

It isn't over until the votes are counted. But it is now up to us to cast our votes, in good faith and good conscience. If we do not and we find ourselves learning to accept the results, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We will know who we are, we will know it was us who did not exercise our duty and our right to have a say. We can fool our neighbors, but we will know all of this, for the next four years.

Vote, if you haven't already, and do it like your job and livelihood depends on it. Because it just might.


Greg said...

Okay - I did my part. I arrived before polls opened, and waited in a long line to cast my ballot to save our republic. Then it was off to work, to earn the money for the welfare checks of the people who were in line with me. They were still in their pajamas. Stay classy, Obama voters.

As to a possible Obama presidency, (1) I tremble, (2) I gag, (3) I cry. He could do more than just temporary damage. He could permanently weaken America. In fact, I believe that is one of his priorities. That is why, if this charlatan wins, we must begin resisting and opposing him and his agenda from day one. I mean starting before he even takes office. I mean continuing to dig dirt on this faker to discredit him as much as possible before he even steps foot in the Oval Office. We must use all legal means to stop 0bama and his political mafia from carrying out their agenda.

Till then, let's pray McCain wins.

Mustang said...

I voted. I did my part. Now it is up to “the people” to decide their fate. This is the beauty and the beast of democracy; it accepts self-inflicted wounds. Now, of course, I am hearing stories on Fox News that the Black Panther organization is busy attempting to intimidate voters, not that they’ll have much problem doing that within pro-Obama voting precincts.

I am reflecting upon the general lack of understanding among most Americans about the purpose of our Constitution. Its design was to limit the power of government. Those powers not specifically delineated to the federal government belong to the states. But for the past eighty years, we have allowed the federal government to encroach on states’ rights and responsibilities, and state legislatures permit their states to become whores for federal money. It is not the place of the federal government to do any of the things Obama promises, but it is also true that McCain leans too far to the left in this regard. The result of this will be, eventually, the incorporation of state socialism in our beloved country. This is a bad thing. None of alive today would be able to recognize our country 100 years from now. I do believe these events have been part of the socialist agenda all along, from inadequate schooling in civics and government, to convincing under-educated citizens that more free stuff is the right way to go.

I lament. I think I will take a few days off from blogging. Reading Caesar’s Commentaries is more fun anyway.

Greg said...

mustang - I just watched the Fox News report you speak of. All I could think was, "This is our future."

Jungle Mom said...

I voted weeks ago via absentee ballot from Paraguay.
I tend to think Obama will win and I think the wide eyed masses are in for a shock when they do not find bags of gold sitting on their porches tomorrow morning... could be interesting.

LASunsett said...


I can understand your anger. This has been the biggest joke of a Presidential election in my lifetime. I am gravely concerend about the direction we will be forced to take, should the Democrats control both Congress and the WH.

But make no mistake, if this happens, there will be no rest for them. PYY and the others that frequent here will be hammering them all, during the next two years until the 2010 midterms. Meanwhile, those that oppose this arrangement need to start organizing for the cause of turning over Congress. It happened in 1994, it can happen in 2010 if the people get their act together.

LASunsett said...

//I do believe these events have been part of the socialist agenda all along, from inadequate schooling in civics and government, to convincing under-educated citizens that more free stuff is the right way to go.//

We discussed this in our phone conversation today. But for the others, take a look at this video.

The sad thing is these people will actually be expecting to never exercise any effort or responsibility again.

LASunsett said...

Jungle Mom,

I just hope your vote gets counted, as it should. Unfortunately, absentee ballots are the easiest to manipulate.

Jungle Mom said...

And absentee ballots from Florida, at that!

Shah Alexander said...

I watched a special program on this election by NHK (Japanese PBS or BBC), yesterday. It is a pity that NHK focused so much on racism, instead of political thoughts and values among anti-Obama voters.

The media in the US and abroad creates the "Savior" Obama.

LASunsett said...

//I watched a special program on this election by NHK (Japanese PBS or BBC), yesterday. It is a pity that NHK focused so much on racism, instead of political thoughts and values among anti-Obama voters.//

Shah, For most people I know and work with, it really wasn't about race. I can give you a pretty good list of black people I would have no problem supporting. The world still somehow thinks the US is overall a racist country. But it really isn't.