Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday AM QB

Colts 24 - Steelers 20

The best game of the year for the Colts. Their defense made big plays when the game was on the line. The biggest was the goal line stand late in the game, forcing Pittsburgh to settle for a FG. Indy's offense made the plays when they had to, but they also had a lot of chances to make this a blowout. Dropped passes and some special teams penalties were the weakness, once again. But they kept them down to far less than when they played Green Bay.

I think they played gutsy like the old Colts, they never quit. They got into a groove when they had to and took advantage of the situations the Steeler defense presented them with. Manning's play calling was better at the line of scrimmage than at any other time in the season. Teams were good at knowing what the plays were going to be, there was no innovation at the start of the season. In short, they were getting predictable.

It was a needed win, because getting a wild card may not be easy this year.

Pats 20 - Bills 10

A big win, a much needed win, NE just keeps on ticking. They rebounded well from their loss and despite losing to Indy, they still have a better record and lead the East. The more Greg tells us they stink, the more they keep plugging along, with Cassel gaining some confidence as they go. (Maybe that's why Greg keeps downing them so much, reverse psychology.)

Titans 21 - Bears 14

Still perfect. The longer they go, the more the pressure will mount on them. They have Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Indy left to go, and the rest are not the best of teams. I don't think they will go undefeated. But if they do, they will not make it to the Super Bowl. They also have Detroit on Thanksgiving and the Lions have a way of ruining the best of teams. So, it's just a matter of time. I always say, it's better to get the loss over with before it gets too late. It's always better to get on a run late.

Giants 36 - Eagles 31

The Giants keep on rolling up victories, Greg keeps on telling us how pathetically lucky they are. ;)

I still say, they are the champs until someone says they are not.


Rocket said...

I agree with you. The Pats looked good and Cassel IMHO is getting better by the game.

I'm a little nervous about the Redskins having trouble beating the Lions and then falling to the Eagles.

I can't say they are for real yet.

Greg said...

The Colts' defense came up huge with three big plays (Bullitt, Jennings and Foster, whoever those guys are!). And Manning was as usual superior to the opposing QB.

On the Pats game, yes, I do use a bit of reverse psychology that any Red Sox fan of more than 15 years has necessarily adopted for our own mental health. I thought the defense was really solid. It was like an old time Patriots game, as LAS saw his Colts game. Cassell didn't make but one error (getting sacked and fumbling), and thankfully wasn't called upon to throw a TD. He has 7 TD's in 9 games. I think he is definitely improving, as rocket says, but he still hasn't made a big throw to Moss since game 1. I do think he'll get a big contract at the end of the year from some other team.

The Giants sure have a great running game, and as long as they have that, they're going to look great. The defense is vastly overrated, and so is their very mediocre QB, whatshisname. Considering the lack of injuries and relatively cushy schedule, I consider them "lucky." How can teams like Pittsburgh, NE, Indy, etc have so many crucial injuries, and teams like the Giants have none? If any one of their 3 RB's goes down, look for the Giants to stumble.

On the Titans, they looked very beatable again. I can obviously concur with LAS that the pressure will mount every week to be completely unbearable. It will be interesting to see if they can handle it. They can be thankful that in addition to the pressure from being "undefeated" they don't also have the pressure of being wrongly accused of cheating in every game.

LASunsett said...

//Bullitt, Jennings and Foster, whoever those guys are//

Nobody's that play better when Sanders is in the line-up. People do not realize just how much a leader he is to Indy's Defense. As Sanders goes so goes the entire squad.

If Sanders is out, they are out.

//The defense is vastly overrated, and so is their very mediocre QB, whatshisname.//

Despite your complete denigration of whathisname, I thought you'd like to know, he has a better rating right now than Peyton. Peyton is 84.8 WHN weighs in at 88.8.

Just some fun facts in case you attend a dinner party with those Obama freaks again. ;)