Thursday, November 13, 2008

Special Notices

On the surface, it would appear that I have disengaged slightly on the blog this week, and I do apologize for it. I certainly haven't had the time to address the comments adequately and the posts have been a little less in-depth, this much is true. But the reason for this is, we had a death in Mrs. Sunsett's family this week and it has thrown things for a loop, somewhat. It's tough because this was Mrs. Sunsett's favorite uncle, one she was very close to. He was a proud Marine during the Korean Conflict and his son is a career Army Officer, serving in Afghanistan. From my perspective, it was an honor to know him and he will be missed by all.

If this isn't enough for one plate in one calendar week, this has come at a time when I have a trip to Florida planned. It's been on the calendar for a couple of months now.

Basically, I have invited myself to Mustang's grapefruit farm and alligator ranch (named Happy Acres), for some much needed R & R. It is situated directly in the middle of the lap of luxury and the world of retirement. After settling with his attorney on the monetary damages that he claimed he was owed to him, after the ill-fated and now notorious trip to Tijuana some years ago, he has graciously agreed to allow me to see how the other half lives.

So while I am soaking up some sunshine and warm air, I will not be at the computer as much. I will be at the beach, lake, or pool with alcoholic drinks (some may even be accompanied by umbrellas) as agents to facilitate relaxation. But I will have the weekly music post pre-scheduled to appear on Saturday and will leave this post as an open thread for whatever comments you may have, about whatever happens while I am away. (But don't think you can leave expletive laced comments here, just because you can't be in the warm weather, like me.)

While I am at the helm for a few, I would like to take a moment at call your attention to some new blogs you will find on the PYY Blogroll and highly encourage all PYY readers to take a look at them, when you get the chance:

1. Geeeez belongs to PYY regular Z, whom some of you have seen here on occasion. She writes about politics and her faith. LIke yours truly, she has spent time in Europe and still has a deep affection for it.

2. Palace For A Princess is run by PYY regular Jennifer, she also writes about politics and her faith. Like Z, she is building a very loyal following and posts on a variety of topics.

3. Robert at Conservative Commentary has just started coming around here. He and Jennifer have started a blog called Conservative Convictions.

4. Christopher Hamilton has a self-titled blog that I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks. I don't know a lot about him, but I like the way he thinks.

5. Tom at Tom's Place is always worth a look. I may have plugged him earlier, but on the chance I didn't here it is.

Give these a look, will you? I think most of you will like them, but be sure to tell them all you heard it here on Roller Derby.

Anyway, have a great weekend, I will be back at it next week, and as always, thanks for reading PYY.

Addendum: I apologize, but there will be no Another Blast From The Past post. I simply didn't get time to do it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sunset:

This is to confirm your reservation for four (4) days and three (3) nights at the Mustang Ranch Recreation Center, just outside Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Your mistress for this engagement is Lulu belle, who will meet you at the airport. She’ll be wearing a red teddy and bright yellow high-heeled shoes.

During your visit, we hope you will take advantage of the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” casino, located in our compound behind the hot tub and put-put golf course. You will no doubt remember that when you bet with the house, you are usually guaranteed to win something. Our records reflect that your last prize from our nude bingo competition was a Little Bo Peep costume. This year, we hope you will enroll in the feather- blowing contest for our older clients. And don’t forget our motto for this year’s thong clad egg-rolling event: No strain, Everything to Gain.

With fond memories,

Mme. Eloise Le Fleur
Mustang Enterprises, Inc.

Greg said...

Pictures! Pictures!

Jungle Mom said...

So sorry for your family's loss and for the loss of another great American Marine.

Z said...

First, let me say how sorry I am about the loss of your family member...God bless him and his service..and may Mrs. Sunsett have great memories to fill in today's sorrow.

Secondly...MUSTANG RANCH!! THAT is hilarious! And PLEASE..NO PICTURES! (bothers me a bit that ol' Mustang...Or "Eloise" (ELOISE?) even knows from a "teddy" ...hee hee!)

Thirdly, thank you SO MUCH for mentioning my blog, LA......I was so surprised and I'm so thankful for your kind words. I can't tell you how much that means to me.

Have a wonderful time at the Mustang Ranch! Give ELOISE a hug from me!

LASunsett said...


You are salivating again. Good attormeys never salivate (in public).

LASunsett said...


Thank you for you kind words and all that you do for the Marines, as well as your country. From what little I know about you, I believe you and your husband are excellent ambassadors.

LASunsett said...

Z, Thank you so much for your condolences.

Now as to:

//Have a wonderful time at the Mustang Ranch! Give ELOISE a hug from me!//

Well, as it turns out, Eloise is just one more fictional character dreamed up by Mustang. What an imagination the guy has. Just marketing trick he used to get my money. You should see the other poor saps aorund here. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen LA; in fact, I don't know where he is (other than my natural suspicions from the intial comment). This is truly a revolting development and I honestly hope that Mr. Sunset gets some professional help soon. I mean, professional help other than where we believe he is right now.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mrs Sunsett's uncle! It's very difficult to lose someone you care for and my thoughts and prayers and with you and the mrs.

Have a blast with Mustang!! I should have known that the Tijuana trip would be brought up again!! Take some pictures while you are's easier than google earth and you will never know when you will need them....or I!

Thanks for the plug on both my blogs, that was very thoughtful!!

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS (and All) !

Well, well … (grin) … perhaps this will move things along …

/// Presidential candidate Alan Keyes, AIP leaders sue in CA court to obtain Obama citizenship proof, stop Secretary of State from certifying Electors

Fenton, MI - November 14, 2008

Presidential candidate Alan Keyes, vice-presidential candidate Wiley S. Drake, and the Chairman of the American Independent Party, Markham Robinson, have filed suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento seeking to bar Secretary of State Debra Bowen from certifying to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger the names of Electors, and from transmitting to each presidential Elector a Certificate of Election, until documentary proof is produced and verified showing that Senator Obama is a “natural born” citizen of the United States, and does not hold citizenship of Indonesia, Kenya or Great Britain.

In addition, they have asked that the court issue a peremptory writ barring Senator Obama’s California Electors from signing the Certificate of Vote until such documentary proof is produced and verified.

In response to questions about why the suit was being filed, Ambassador Alan Keyes commented, “I and others are concerned that this issue be properly investigated and decided before Senator Obama takes office. Otherwise there will be a serious doubt as to the legitimacy of his tenure. This doubt would also affect the respect people have for the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. I hope the issue can be quickly clarified so that the new President can take office under no shadow of doubt. This will be good for him and for the nation.”

Former Reagan administration official Ambassador Alan Keyes and Wiley S. Drake were the 2008 presidential and vice-presidential nominees of the American Independent Party, which is the California affiliate of the new national America’s Independent Party.

Mission Viejo, California attorney Dr. Orly Taitz and United States Justice Foundation Executive Director Gary Kreep are representing the plaintiffs in this case.

Copies of the court filing, along with further information concerning developments in this case, will be made available at, or can be obtained by contacting AIP national chairman Tom Hoefling. ///

About time ... it's procedural ... (grin)


Tom said...

LA - So sorry to read about a death in the family. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Thanks for the plug & link.