Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I will have to think about this one, for I am not sure how I am going to feel if this happens.

Rick Moran has posted a piece I would like for all of my readers to read/think about and, if compelled to, comment on.

I wasn't happy when Bush was elected in 2000, I thought it was a toss-up between who was the worst candidate, Gore or Bush. I went with Bush because at least he represented some of the same ideals I held near and dear to me. But that alone was not enough to make me feel confident that he had the brains to run this country. In many ways since then, I have been proven wrong.

When 9/11 happened, I felt more secure under his leadership than I would have under a Gore administration. I admired the fact that he wasn't going to sit idly by and simply condemn this heinous act of violence on our soil, but was committed to hunting down the vermin responsible for it. For that reason, I have supported him in as much as my values permit. And I have criticized him when situations that I feel warranted it.

But what if Barack Obama wins? I can't say just yet. I will wait and see, for I am not convinced that he will. Not just yet. He might. But he might not.

However, I will not get discouraged until the votes are all counted and I will not forgo my constitutional right to cast my vote, based on what the national polls are saying right now. But with that said, I am resigned to the fact that he may win and we will be stuck with the biggest liar and shady dealer, in this country's history.

Will I hope I am wrong about him? Absolutely. But at this point in time, from the vibes and solid information I have been getting, I am very skeptical this will be the case.

Anyway, read Moran's piece and see what you think.

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Greg said...

Look, I know in my mind that Reynolds and Moran are right, but right now I feel like the "depressing" e-mailer. Fuck Obambi the Socialist. Knowing myself as I do, I'll likely calm down by the time Hussein is sworn in on the Koran, and I'll take the appropriate attitude of any patriotic American (acceptance and support for the office at least). But right now, I'm a big baby and I say screw this corrupt piece of shite lying pig.

Rocket said...


"I'll likely calm down by the time Hussein is sworn in on the Koran, and I'll take the appropriate attitude of any patriotic American (acceptance and support for the office at least)."

The koolaid is being prepared by the ton at the moment in secret locations. The trucks are standing by and all of those people who have already fallen asleep are ready to drive it to thousands of locations across this once great land.

Get out while you can.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

It’s clear from LAS’ comments, Rick Moran’s and the posts on his site that the immediate question is:

What are the rights and responsibilities of the Loyal Opposition ?

For want of a better definition, the definition of Loyal Oppostion at Wiki will suffice (grin):

/// Loyal opposition is the concept that one can be opposed to the actions of the government or ruling party of the day without being opposed to the constitution of the political system. ///

Several questions ensue:

In what fashion and to what extent can an individual protest the current government and still remain ‘loyal’ ?

Which actions, if any, are ‘disloyal’ ?

Are there philosophical and/or moral considerations which might relegate the entire concept of Loyal Opposition to second, or even third, place in a value system ?

Having attempted to answer these questions to his own satisfaction during the tumultuous years 1962 through 1968, Amerloque is now absolutely sure of the following:

--few politicians (if any !) act for the overall good of the commonweal, but rather in self-interest, whose clearest manifestation is the desire to be (re)elected;

--politics makes strange bedfellows;


one fights fire with fire.


Now, on Rick Moran’s site he states:

/// People of good will and good conscience can disagree without tearing each other and the country apart. ///

Perhaps it should be left at that, once the questions above have been answered to each citizen’s satisfaction ? There just doesn’t seem to be an ‘overall’ answer. (grin)


LASunsett said...

//-few politicians (if any !) act for the overall good of the commonweal, but rather in self-interest, whose clearest manifestation is the desire to be (re)elected;//

My Congressman has been in forever. I have voted for him in the past. I have a lot of respect for him, in most cases I think he has done a decent job. But I seriously am considering supporting the Democratic candidate opposing him.

I have met him personally and he seems like he will work in a non-partisan manner. He worked for a former Senator from Indiana, Birch Bayh (D) and current Senator Dick Lugar (R). He walks the walk of a true "blue dog" Democrat.

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

/// I have met him personally and he seems like he will work in a non-partisan manner. ///

(smile) Might he not be the exception that proves the rule ?


Hello Greg !

/// I'll take the appropriate attitude of any patriotic American (acceptance and support for the office at least).///

Well, the USA of A is certainly not the president. He (or she) is but one representation of a complex poltical system.

Is Greg frustrated ? Is Greg going to take refuge in guns and religion ? (sad,sad smile)

One must always remember – always - what Bobobama said:

/// …/… So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. …/…

How any citizen with a modicum of self-respect can envisage voting for – and/or supporting – this Barry Soetoro person (aka Barack Obama and Barry Obama) after such a statement is almost beyond Amerloque’s understanding.

What scorn for the American people, what disdain for their individual and several dreams and beliefs, what sheer contempt in those words! The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

When Amerloque read those thirty-six words for the first time, he knew, no matter how much difficulty he had with some of John McCain’s positions, that he would vote McCain even if the devil were McCain’s running mate. Some of the finest Americans Amerloque knows “cling” to their “guns and religion”, all the while asking hard questions about the political choices that have been – and are about to be, apparently – made for them.

Wake up, America, the country is on the road to destruction with this Obama fellow. It’s crystal-clear from over here.

One of the arguments used by the proponents of Obama is that “the US has a bad image overseas”.

Seen from Amerloque’s point of view, it's pretty cut-and-dried: why should Europeans or Asians or South Americans have any say whatsoever in a US presidential election ? Do Americans have any say in theirs ? Fat chance !

US citizens overseas (and in the Homeland) who assert that foreigners' opinions matter ('"boo hoo ... we are unliked" ...) are simply too intellectually lazy to sit down and understand and explain just how the US system works and why America’s goals are American and not British, French, internationalist or whatever.

Living as a foreigner abroad, naturally, it’s also far easier to agree with one’s neighbor, local mailman, opthamologist, butcher and baker, as well as with teachers and businessmen, so as to ingratiate oneself with the indigenous population within an overseas environment and have an easy life, while at the same time reflecting the local political correctness.

Furthermore, can those Americans who assert that a vote for Obama is a “good thing” because “foreigners prefer him” seriously believe that these very same foreigners have the best interests of Americans and America at heart ?

Astounding. Is logic no longer taught in the USA ? (“The friend of my friend is my enemy” …)

Mme Amerloque, by the way, rarely interested in US politics, sports a pink “Sarah Barracuda” pin when going shopping. She has even put an oval black-on-white “Sarah” decal on her SUV. When someone shows interest, she simply says that both John McCain and Sarah Palin are individuals with honor, and that is a rare thing, whereas Obama has very, very little.

This is an argument that the French understand. (grin)

Finally, the United States of America is always damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t.

Vote for America. McCain/Palin.


LASunsett said...

//Might he not be the exception that proves the rule ? //

Who knows? The old question of "how do you know when a politician is lying" comes to mind here. The answer of course is "when his lips are moving".

I figure he seemed sincere enough (as they all do when they start out). If he gets elected, I'll give him two years trial period, after which he will face the voters again. If he disappoints me, I'll work for his opponent at that point in time. This is a GOP district, but if he plays his cards right, he has a chance.