Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday AM QB

Colts 31 - Ravens 3

One word, domination.

Yes, the Colts are back and looking like the Colts of the last five years. The offense thoroughly shredded the highly touted Ravens' defense, without much trouble at all. The defense delivered some horrendous hits, much in the same fashion the Ravens are used to doing. Ravens' QB Flacco met Mr. Carpet four times and threw 3 interceptions.

The only mistakes were some bonehead penalties, one of which cost a TD. Other than that, it was as complete of a performance as was seen all year. And it's always nice to beat the trash-talking Baltimore players, soundly enough to keep them quiet for the rest of the year.

Rams 19 - Skins 17

Quite the shocker here, after seeing Washington play some good football this year. I didn't see this one. But from the highlights (and the sound bites that went with them), it seems like Washington took St. Louis for granted.

Cards 30 - Cowboys 24

Outstanding performance by Arizona. They set the tempo, they set the pace, and made Dallas play catch-up. Credit a good performance from Warner and the special teams. The Cowboys may have won in the statistics department, but it's the score that counts. And the intangibles helped the Card score more of them.

Chargers 30 - Pats 10

I have to say, I honestly hoped that NE would beat the arrogant SD team, led by the always pompous Philip Rivers. But NE just had too many injuries, with Mulroney being the one that took their running game away. Without that facet of their game, there was just too much pressure on Cassel. Some bad calls on NE early on didn't fair well for the Pats, but they did not affect the outcome. This just wasn't their week. But I was pulling for them, honestly I was.

Saints 34 - Raiders 3

I have been a Raiders fan most of my life. But after the way Al Davis treated Lane Kiffin, ran him down in the media, and refused to pay him, I don't give a damn if they ever win again. Al Davis is the biggest jerk in the NFL and deserves the losses his team will accumulate the rest of his life. Mark my words, they will not be successful until Davis retires, sells the team, or dies. And rest assured, I will not be a fan until one of those things happen.


Greg said...


Again, the only reason to continue watching this farce of a season is to hopefully see Eli Manning get Tom Brady-d. I'll be watching tonight with my fingers crossed. Remember Browns defense - if you're being touched by an offensive player, you can legally spear Manning in the knee. Make it count.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I am going to do with you....My eagles finally win a game and you don't mention it. You do realize it doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you have to be all over it! :-)