Friday, October 31, 2008

My Name Would Be Mud

For your comedic entertainment pleasure, here is a video in which a hypothetical scenario is played out. See what you think:

There is a twist to this: You can rest assured that I WILL vote and it WILL NOT be for Obama. I may go back to bed and have someone wake me when it's over, but I WILL vote.

This is a MoveOn.Org toy that Greg linked us up to in an earlier thread, I just thought it would be funny to plug in my name and see how it turned out. But the real funny tale is the story of the Obama girl. She made the videos that caught the eyes of all of the "young zombie" demographic, but didn't even vote in her state's primary because she wanted to get a manicure instead.


Anonymous said...

That was so cool, I wish, it was the other way around though.....

You think Mustang rides you now, wait till he hears that you forgot to vote for Obama.

I'm telling.......

LASunsett said...

//I'm telling.......//

He already knows. He's probably had my house bugged for years now. We can't keep secrets from him, he has cloak and dagger contacts all over the world.

One time I went outside around Easter time to let the dogs out well after midnight. I had been working hard, was tired. I happened to look up in the spring night sky, only to see an eye staring at me. I later found out that at that very moment, Mustang was on Google Earth and was looking to see if I had a pool in my backyard.

He's everywhere. He's harmless, but he learns secrets well and uses them as leverage, especially when he needs to borrow money. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dag Nabbitt! Now I have to wonder what he has on me, could he really know about that time that I.....Nah, he's not that good is he?

I'm gonna need some extra money just to pay him off.....hmmmmm, I think the Obama campaign may be hiring! That sly little devil.....we'll just see about that, I can use Google too!


Greg said...

I knew you would enjoy that.

Want to hear how my party went? When the woman who sent me the video and her husband came in, it was almost instant election talk. The husband - a very nice guy, but hardcore liberal - said that if a black man can't win now, he'll never win. I didn't get it, but I did find it fascinating. I tried to steer the election talk to ballot questions, arguing in favor of Question 2 to decriminalize marijuana. Everyone was in favor anyway. At the end of the evening, the woman who sent me the vid reminded everyone to vote Obama b/c "Palin is scary. Just scary." Overall, it was relatively painless.