Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday AM QB

The Colts play Tennessee tonight in Nashville, they had better bring their "A" game, because the Titans have proven to be a tough team so far this year. I'll be watching.

Seahawks 34 - 49ers 13

The best thing the Niners could muster on this Sunday was an ass-chewing from their new coach, Mike Singletary. For all of you younger fans, he was a terror in the Chicago Bears' linebacking corps. He was intense, he worked hard, and he played hard. He will want no one that will give any less as a part of his team.

Pats 23 - Rams 16

The Rams are not the worst team in the league and they proved it in this game. The Pats found a way to win despite the fact, the Rams gave them a hell of a run for their money. I didn't get to see this one. Maybe Greg will enlighten us as to how the game played out in his eyes, along with his weekly barbs for the KC player that ended Brady's season. ;)

Giants 21 - Steelers 14

The Giants' defense won this one. The NY offense didn't have a spectacular day, but were able to put enough points on the board to pull this one out. The Giants schedule doesn't get much easier as the season wears on, so this was a big win for them. I watched much of this one. It was a good game, not decided until after the final two-minute warning.

Skins 25 - Lions 17

I would have thought Washington would have had their way with Detroit, which could be the worst team in the league next to the Bengals. Maybe they are suffering from a mid-season malaise that teams sometimes get into halfway through. They're still in the mix though.

Saints 37 - Chargers 32

Played in London, the Saints have put the Chargers in a hole. SD desperately needed this one, to pull even. But now at 3-5, it shows that Philip Rivers is not the QB he has been made out to be, nor has Norv Turner done anything to prove he's a good coach. That's what they get for firing Schottenheimer, a coach that knew how to win. Marty may not have won titles or fared well in the playoffs, but they went. Now, SD will be lucky to be on the bubble, in the playoff hunt at the end of the season.

Eagles 27 - Falcons 14

Didn't see it, but maybe Jennifer did and will enlighten us as to how well her team played. I know one thing for sure, the Eagles are the best last place team in the league. And at 4-3, don't count them out of a run for the playoffs just yet. In fact, anyone in the NFC East has a chance, right now.


Greg said...

Pats-Rams: I know the Rams stink and were without their best player, but I was mildly impressed with the Patriots on Sunday, especially considering the injuries on our side. Cassell's 2 interceptions weren't his fault, and there were dropped passes by guys who normally catch everything. He had to operate with essentially no running game (top 3 rushers out with injury). So, it was a little encouraging. Now the hard part of the schedule begins. You have to beat some good teams to make it to the playoffs, which is now a reasonable goal.

Giants-Steelers: I hate both teams, but rooted for the Steelers to beat the overrated Giants. Alas, they had the game in hand and literally threw it away. Ugh. The Giants are ridiculously lucky.

Saints-Chargers: Philip Rivers is definitely overrated. LT looks like he's back to his old self, though. Anyway, so happy the Chargers lost.

Who are we picking tonight? My mind tells the the Titans are better this year, but can Kerry Collins really be picked to beat Peyton? Does. Not. Compute. I hope the Colts win, if only b/c I want the AFC leader to get knocked down a little.

As for the dirtbag who took out Tom Brady's knee, I've been waiting for him to do something else remarkable. Still waiting. He's a 3rd rate player, like his team in general. Among their two best players, one is a serial abuser of women, and the other publicly says he'd rather play elsewhere. The Chiefs are an embarassment.

rocket said...

Though I love the skins I'm not yet convinced.