Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

When one thinks of the music scene in Georgia, the Macon scene instantly comes to my mind; those that followed southern rock still may remember it as the home of Capricorn Records. It's biggest act? The Allman Brothers Band.

Living in Macon, as I did for two years, gave me a jump on the rest of the country on some of this great music from Capricorn.
Another band on the label, often living in the shadow of the Allmans, was a band called Wet Willie. They were counted as southern rock, but some of their music had a little jazz in the mix. Their biggest hit was a boogie tune called Keep On Smilin', but there is another one they had buried in its musical selection, it didn't make it so big unless you had the album. This one is called Weekend:

Another well-known Capricorn name, of the time, was a band out of South Carolina known as the Marshall Tucker Band. Here's one that got its share of airplay, called, Heard It In A Love Song:

When you hear the lineup of Capricorn, you cannot forget Elvin Bishop. Born in Glendale California, he grew up in Iowa and Oklahoma. This guy could out out some southern blues and was a great singer-songwriter of the day. The one song he will always be best known for is this one called, Fooled Around And Fell In Love:

This next artist wasn't from Macon and he didn't appear on Capricorn. But just hearing this tune, reminds me of some long rainy nights, seemingly sometimes for nights on end. It rained so hard and for long, sometimes, it really did feel like it raining all over the world. This guy had numerous hits, but none equaled the success of this one. Here is Brook Benton's, A Rainy Night In Georgia:

No Macon music feature can be without one from the Allmans. This one is from Live At The Fillmore and was recorded when Duane was still alive. Here is One Way Out:


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