Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday AM QB

Titans 31 - Colts 21

Tennessee is for real and they came to play. I think in many ways they could be the team to beat this year. I wholeheartedly agree with the play-byplay announcers that called this game, the Titans needed this one worse than the Colts. And believe me, the Colts needed it. They now trail Tennessee by four games. No division title this year, they must concentrate getting into the wild card.

The Colts didn't help themselves much. Dropped passes that are usually caught. Penalties on key downs. The usual. None of the intangibles went their way.

And so, the evening belonged to Tennessee. They made some big plays on both sides of the ball, when they needed it. The Titans' defense came up very big, causing some of those dropped balls. They did what all great teams do, they controlled the line of scrimmage. Collins did what he had to do, when he had to do it. He distributed the ball very efficiently, I'd say it was enough to win a Super Bowl (although that's a long way off, just yet).

Despite the fact they are serious division rivals, I have the utmost respect for the organization. It all starts with the coach.

There is no coach that deserves the success he is having right now with his team, as does Jeff Fisher. He has been the man for this franchise for many a year now and has paid his dues in this league. Congrats to him and the Titans for a great start.

The Colts need to find something to get them back into sync. I am not ready to call it a season yet. Lots of time left , but there's something more than meets the eye here.

The Colts have allowed key defensive players to leave since the days of the SB victory, and Sanders doesn't help, when he is on the injured list.
Tennessee had three former Colts on their roster last night, two were on defense.

Addai has got to get healthy, Rhodes is not able to carry the load. Chad Simpson is up from the practice squad, after the third string back Mike Hart was injured. Therein lies the Colts' problems on offense - no "grinding out" running plays this year. The last time they had it consistently was the SB year.


Greg said...

Colts are way too beat up. Manning looks hurt.

As for the Titans, at 7-0, can the country now start hating them, accusing them of cheating their way to dominance, and holding seances to bring about their demise?

A.C. McCloud said...

I ain't sayin' nothing...