Monday, October 27, 2008

Ask LA

I just love to get letters from people that want to get involved in the process. It always brings a tear to my eyes when I get letters like this one:

Dude LA,

Like I've hurd you are this guru kinda guy that doles out advice to dudes like me. Except, like I really don't have the problem. My bud does.

See, he sold his X-box 360 to give the money to Obama, because he really rocks, you know. Because he needs the money to fight for our rights and things. But here is the prob man, I think he's already given his limit.

How can I, er uh, he get the money to Obama so he can save the world and get the bad guys on Grand Theft Auto, without getting busted, man?

Surfer Sam

Dear Sam,

Write a check, then send it to ACORN.

They'll see that he gets it.

Best to you,



Anonymous said...

LOL good answer!

L'Amerloque said...

Dear Surfer Sam,

Use Your Brain -- Vote McCain.

Anonymous American in Paris

L'Amerloque said...

Hi LAS !

Definitely worth a read ! (smile) …

/// Shrimp 'n Grits

Income Redistribution - A fulfilling experiment when personally applied!

Lee Walton

Last Thursday while walking to lunch on the corner of Market and East Bay, I passed what appeared to be a homeless man standing on the corner of Wentworth and East Bay holding a hand-made sign that read, “Vote Obama, I need the money.”, I laughed to myself and admired the man for his misplaced, albeit blatant honesty.

Once inside one of my favorite restaurants, I noticed that my waiter was wearing a bright blue ,“Obama 08” tie; again I laughed to myself as he boldly and proudly advertised his political preference for all the world, and his customers, to see -- just imagine the odds of encountering two such 1st Amendment harbingers of change in less than 10-minutes.



LASunsett said...


I heard this being read on one of the "horrible right wing" radio talk shows. Perfect microcosm, perfect analogy.

LASunsett said...

Dear Jennifer,

We here at Ask LA try to provide the soundest and most stable advice for all PYY readers. Don't be deceived, Mustang has used this host for sound advice, many times. I cannot count the times he has called or fired me an e-mail saying, "hey, I want get your opinion on something".

All of this has been provided at no cost to him. Maybe I'll publish one someday, if I feel it is in the public interest.




Anonymous said...

Dude Amerloque,

Thanks for the invite to the McCain game, but like I am waiting for the new video game with Obama in it, to come out man. In fact, I am waiting in line for it right now. I am the first one in line. Gotta go, I think there's someone else coming to get in line right now.


Surfer Sam

Anonymous said...

I stop by frequently, but have never left a comment. I feel I need to address Surfer Sam in a direct and personal way.

You miserable #@%!!&*#$@ piece of #%^##@!#^. Get a haircut, you worm. And when you’re done with that, get your miserable #@%!!&@!# down to the nearest Marine Corps recruiter. You #@*&#$! loser!


The Gunny

Greg said...

We love your "Dear LAS" section as well!

Also, L'Amerloque, I LOVE that McCain slogan. Heard it for the first time yesterday.

Anyway, we should all encourage Surfer Sam to vote on Tuesday, November 11. Very important, Dude.

Anonymous said...

Dude Gunny,

Like, chill, man. Like, I already went to the Marines recruiter. They told me they'd be in touch. That was only two years ago, man. Everything went well until I had to pee in the cup. A couple of days later, they said thanks and they'd get back with me.

What do you want with me man? First my old man says I am a loser and a disgrace to the family, now you come over here and get on my case too. I am trying real hard to become a productive citizen by getting involved in politics, and stuff.

Now I have this complex, dude. I may have to apply for more disability because I am so down on myself now. Just when I was getting my head together, along you come making me feel like I am worthless.

Gotta run, I am still in line for this new Obama game. I am still the only one. Wow, like I am going to be the first one on my block to have this. I just can't understand why there aren't more people here with me.

Surfer Sam

Anonymous said...

Dude Greg,

Right on, right on, man. Like I plan to. Go Obama!

Surfer Sam

Anonymous said...

"Don't be deceived, Mustang has used this host for sound advice, many times."

What I would give to see one of those letters. My left lung? Right kidney?