Friday, October 03, 2008

The PYY Weekend Funnies

I am agitated right now. I am really irritated that this pork-packed scam (otherwise known as a bailout) bill has passed. It's to the point that I am anxiously wondering just where America is going to get its leadership from, for the next four years.

Congress isn't going to lead. Obama isn't going to lead (properly). And judging from McCain's vote for this big sausage fry at the tax-payers' expense, I am very skeptical about him leading (properly).

As sad as this entire situation is, I was perusing this morning's Indy Star and I was at least able to muster up a chuckle at this cartoon.


Mustang said...

I nipped this one from you, with a hat-tip. Laughable? No.

LASunsett said...

//Laughable? No.//

At best it was a chuckle that lasted for 45 seconds. Then the reality sets in, and you begin to cry.