Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday AM QB

Packers 34 - Colts 14

I sat in amazement, wondering aloud, if this was the same team I saw hand it to the Ravens last week. I swear, the Colts' defense has two-thirds the amount of personalities as the fictional character Sybil. And the offense has the difference.

I can give some credit to the poor officiating, which was some of the worst I have seen in the many years of watching the NFL. They should all be fined and suspended. But it alone was not the determining factor in the final outcome.

When one begins to dissect the elements of the game, the bottom line is, the Packers brought it and the Colts did not. The fire was lit under the Packers, while they snuffed out the Colts' confidence.

The Pack really dominated the line of scrimmage, on both sides of the ball. The Colts running defense brought their red carpet for the Green Bay runners and the fighter escorts for the receivers. The Packers' secondary brought their radar and the defensive line ate their Wheaties before the game. GB rushed four for pretty much the entire game, keeping their LBs back on the Colt's receivers and taking away those underneath routes.

Put this with the emotion of needing the win worse than Indy and you have the makings of a thorough rout, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Colts had better get this one figured out quickly, because they play Tennessee next and the Titans will very likely bring the exact same game plan.

The only thing good about this day was seeing the score on the Buffalo - San Diego game.

Anyway, my Grandson dominated the weekend and I was not able to see any other games. So this is the only review I will post this week.

How did your teams fare and what were your thoughts about them?


Greg said...

We didn't get the Colts game, but it looks like the defense is the problem there, obviously. It's the same defense as last year, though. I think that, like the Patriots, the Colts' defense depends upon the offense to monopolize time, score lots of points, and force the other team's offense into taking risks. On both the Pats and the Colts this year, the offense is struggling, and it's carrying over to the defense.

We were supposed to get the Bills game, but there were technical difficulties. I ended up watching the stinking Jets. Man, they are terrible. Brett Favre is awful. Can you believe all the stupid pundits were picking the Jets to win the East after Brady was taken out by that dirtbag? The Bills have every reason to have a chip on their shoulder right now. Totally disrespected team. Many of the pundits on ESPN and CBS and Fox were picking the Superchargers to win yesterday. Pff.

Greg said...

Prediction for tonight: Broncos 42, Pats 10.

LASunsett said...

//The Bills have every reason to have a chip on their shoulder right now. Totally disrespected team.//

I think you are right. But in this case, it has served to motivate them.

Sometimes it's good for a team to slip in under the radar a little. It catches teams that get all of the hype (like the Chargers) off guard. I think the blowout loss to AZ was a fluke and gave the Bills a dose of reality. They answered in a big way, against a highly overrated opponent.

The Bills are a damned good team, and teams that have them on their schedule would be wise to prepare for them. Because if they don't, they could find themselves with another L, while the Bills chalk up a W.

Anonymous said...

The Seven Dwarfs were marching through the forest one day they fell in a deep, dark ravine.

Snow White, who was following along, peered over the edge of the steep chasm and called out to the fallen dwarfs, "Who's going to the Superbowl this year?"

From the depths of the dark hole a voice returned, "The Colts!"

Snow White thought to herself, "Thank God... at least LA survived!"

Eric Cartman

LASunsett said...


I fear for your health and safety right now. You are destined to get beat up on the playground, because your school chums, your playmates, are all Bronco fans.

Rocket said...


You came very close to predicting the score but wrong outcome.


LASunsett said...

Greg, this is why I told you not to give up on your team. They all looked good last night, defense and offense. Cassel is becoming a quick study and the cagey veterans are digging deep within themselves to perform and help him get up to snuff.

If I remember correctly, back when Brady replaced Bledsoe, even at this point Brady hadn't sold you NE fans. I guarantee you, the Pats may not win it all, but I wouldn't count them out of it just yet. At VERY least they will do some damage along the way, they may send someone home early from the playoffs that looks past them.

Greg said...

You came very close to predicting the score but wrong outcome. Congrats.

Ha. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George decides to act against his instinct in every instance? And it works for him? That's me.

I actually missed the game b/c I was working very late last night (we had our fall town meeting last night, which ran until about 10 pm. and then I have an hour drive home) but from what I saw this morning on the news it was all the running game. Cassel threw for a mundane 180 yards. The Broncos defense was as terrible as it's been all year. So, it was nice, but let's not get carried away.

Also, look at the downside: Moroney gone for the season; Sammy Morris probably gone for the season - who's gonna run the ball now? Rodney Harrison's career is likely over. How many more injuries can this team take?

LASunsett said...

//...but from what I saw this morning on the news it was all the running game. Cassel threw for a mundane 180 yards.//

(I can't believe I am defending the Pats to Greg, but here goes...)

The one word I will feature in regards to Cassel is "efficiency". Flashy may be more fun to watch, but as long as your teams have more points at the end of the game, they win.

Cassel had a 136.3 QB rating. I have seen many "efficient" QBs win Super Bowls. The greatest QB, in my lifetime, was the most "efficient" QB of all time. His name was Joe Montana. He won. The team won.

Two other "efficient" QBs won the SB in the decade. Trent Dilfer (Ravens) and Brad Johnson (Bucs). Nothing flashy, just distribute the ball and let the defense get you the ball back, so you can distribute again (eating up clock).

No, Cassel isn't Brady. Brady is hurt. But Cassel isn't some slouch off of the street either. He sat under Brady, he sat on the USC bench behind Palmer or Leinert (can't remember which). It's in his head, he is now in the process of converting it to his body.

There may be a QB controversy by the time this is over and Brady heals. If Cassel performs well enough, he will not want to sit on the bench ever again. The Pats will, then, have to trade him to a team that can start him.

You could be in the position the Colts are in, we have our starter back healthy and still can't win consistently.

Remember, you heard it first, here.

Greg said...

Dude, I'm going to mail you a #16 Pats jersey (if they even make it!) so you can wear it to your next Colts game. :)