Monday, July 26, 2010

Brad Is Bad For Indiana

A little short rundown on the Indiana senate race.

First, two-term Senator Evan Bayh shocks the world by announcing he is not running for re-election. It's too late for the Indiana Democratic Party to field a primary, so a special caucus must be held. So by doing the only thing they can do, the kingmakers in the party anoint IN 8th District Congressman Brad Ellsworth, to face Republican Dan Coats in November.

If this isn't enough, they try to seal the deal the best way they know how. Bayh donates $1 million to the Democratic Party for the relatively unknown Ellsworth to get his message out.

But, there is one little problem with this little scenario: He has no message.

He does have a record. He has toed the Democratic line, the Obama agenda, spending us into oblivion. Check his votes out, if you do not believe me.

But.....beyond these mild little inconveniences, there is a bigger problem on the horizon for Team Brad. This is one that could shut down any little chance he might have had.

Despite not having to spend money in a primary battle facing other candidates statewide, despite being a rubber stamp for the Pelosi/Reid/Obama Syndicate, and despite having the audacity of calling Dan Coats a lobbyist's dream, it also turns out that he is behaving in a hypocritical manner where lobbyists are concerned.

Roll Tape:

Ellsworth and the Indiana Democratic Party want Hoosiers to believe that Ellsworth's time as a Sheriff makes him a law and order man. They also want them to buy into the fact that he is a moderate/conservative Democrat who will not stray from the issues that concern Hoosiers. But he's having a tough time persuading. By the way he was installed on the ticket, the way he was propped up by the same machine, and the way he has been nothing more than a "yes man" to almost everything the progressives have put up, he is openly showing that he is nothing more than a tool of the thugocracy.

Coats may not have been many people's first choice in the GOP Primary last May. But he was nominated by the voters and it's highly doubtful he will get his marching orders from the Triumvirate of Evil I mentioned earlier and others in powerful positions.

And there is more to this mess, as you would expect.

Here is this little tidbit:

Ellsworth received $12,000 in contributions from Charlie Rangel. Only after it was announced that Charlie was going to face charges, did Bad Brad decide to divest his campaign from them. How' that for ethics? How's that for a "law and order" man?

Brad Ellsworth was bad for the 8th District. He will be even worse, if we give him six years to ruin the entire state.

BTW----If you are a resident of Indiana and interested in this race, you might want to follow....

B(r)ad For Indiana......for more info on Congressman Ellsworth.

I am sure more will be forthcoming.


Sam Huntington said...

Politics as usual, huh? Imagine that ... The question for people of Indiana is, "Is Dan Coates any better?" I wish it did not have to come down to "bad and worse."

LASunsett said...

//"Is Dan Coates any better?" //

Much better, Sam. But not nearly as good as he good be.

Mustang said...

Show me an honest politician, and I’ll show you a man (or woman) who needs spectacles. I think most politicians honestly (but mistakenly) believe they are simply getting the business of America done. I didn’t write, ‘they think’, because I don’t think they do that at all. Whatever is expedient … and yes, its true that politicians dismiss out of hand the United States Constitution (our founding law in the nation of laws), but they are getting the job done. Illegally, yes … but there is something to be said for padding their resumes with accomplishments no matter what the long-term costs upon the United States of America and its people. And besides, everyone else is doing it. Playing ball with the Speaker of the House is preferred to having to sit on the House Hogs Intestines Inventory Committee. Plus, voters have short memories and most are stupid to boot. Under these circumstances, why shouldn’t politicians enrich themselves?

LASunsett said...

//Show me an honest politician, and I’ll show you a man (or woman) who needs spectacles.//

Define honest. The most honest one that I know may not be given to outright lies and deceits, but they will (at times) leave key things out of a statement to keep truth from the people.