Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Remembrance

Roy Mitchell

I am not posting a funny this week.

Some of you may remember awhile back, I created a funny little post about a mythical Uncle Carmine of mine. In doing so, I used the photo of the gentleman you see above because he looked like an Uncle Carmine and I knew he wouldn't care.

Needless to say this wasn't my uncle. In reality, he was the grandfather of my step-son on his father's side of the family. He passed away earlier this week and we are saddened by it.

Not many parents of a current spouse's ex would be so gracious towards the new spouse of their ex-daughter-in-law. But Roy and his sweet wife were very much so. They treated my son and myself just like anyone else in their family, anytime we were in town. We couldn't have asked to know or be associated with people any nicer than them.

Please pray for all of Roy's loved ones, they are many and they are are mourning his loss.


Leslie said...

Many sympathies extended, LA. And prayers as well.

Chuck said...

Always sad to see a good man go. Peace be with him and his family (and you)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sunset, I am very sad about Mr. Mitchell's passing. I hope he did not suffer in his last days; I pray that God will show His mercy to those who feel Roy's loss the most.

I will always remember him as Uncle Carmine. Somehow, threatening you with lawsuits won't be the same ... but if you think this will cause Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe to go easy on you in the future ... forget it.

Semper Fi

Greg said...

[sniff] sorry, man

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

My prayers are with him and his family. So sad to see one of the good guys go, but it's obvious from what you say about how he lived his life that he'll be in a better place now.

LASunsett said...

Thanks to all for the kind words. I know some in Roy's family have been by to read this.