Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rage With The Machine

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Barack Hussein Obama, the first black President of the United States, has been a disaster in the area of race-relations. His Administration, as demonstrated by his Justice Department, is a major impediment to healing rifts and closing gaps (both, real and perceived).

Despite his promise to unite all Americans (regardless of race, color, or creed), he has widened what was already a deepening and widening chasm. Instead of creating a more harmonious atmosphere where people can learn to live in peace, he and his Administration have sought to antagonize and provoke responses for the sole purpose of promoting strife and hatred.

From the very moment he weighed in on the Cambridge Police Department's incident with Professor Gates without direct knowledge of the incident, he set the entire tone for his presidency. It was at that point, where he chartered the path. By sowing discord among the brethren and putting Americans at odds with each other, he has shown that he and his cronies are not the kind of leaders we need.

How has he done this? By coddling hate groups, for one thing.

Allowing the New Black Panther Party to dodge responsibility for a blatant and obvious crime in Philadelphia has further divided the nation along racial lines. Most people who have any sense at all can see that there was a man threatening people at a polling place on Election Day 2008, and Attorney General Holder failed to uphold the law.

All the while, he is picking and choosing the cases to investigate and prosecute, mostly those that stands the best chance of advancing the causes of the black rage machine. Yes, I said it: The black rage machine. It is manufacturing rage in inner city black communities and it is spilling into average middle class communities, as well..

To these people, it is not about equality anymore. The words of Martin Luther King do not apply to them. They are all about revenge and empowerment, under the guise of social justice.

And they are not the only ones.

Take Jesse Jackson, for instance. He recently called into question an NBA owner's animated (but at the same time childish) written diatribe about losing Lebron James to another team. He said the owner demonstrated a slave owner's attitude toward James, even though the player was paid $62 million over 7 years. I bet if you could resurrect the real slaves who were badly mistreated, they would have gladly signed up for that duty massive numbers.

Jesse has never been a slave, and I bet he would jump at the chance to get paid that kind of money, for producing nothing. He probably gets closer than we think.

Take Al Sharpton, for another fine example. He was in Indianapolis this past weekend trying to stir up problems further. He was visiting predominantly black churches, sowing more discord, as you may guess. He has taken up the cause of a 15 year old bi-racial kid who tried to physically interfere with police, while they were attempting to arrest his younger brother. The kid threw punches at the officers and the officers beat the hell out of him.

Let's be clear here. I do not condone the beating. I think it is a police officer's duty to perform with higher standards than the bottom feeders they must deal with, and demonstrate good professionalism in all cases. But that is a standard that is subject to the human condition and bound by its inherent flaws.

Policemen are flawed human beings and sometimes they are not nice people. There are some who are over-inflated by power and think they are the law, not the enforcers of it. Yet, I do not walk in their shoes, so it is not easy for me to comprehend how they get this way over time.

What they should have done in this case is arrest both kids with just enough force to subdue them, one for the original crime and the other for interfering. But what the media and the self-proclaimed "concerned clergy" should do is make an effort to understand that the young man made a foolish decision, as well as the officers involved.

So far, all we have is rallying cries like "no justice, no peace" and calls for all of the officers present during this incident to be fired and prosecuted. No one has said they have counseled the kid on his behavior and how to prevent it in the future.

Naturally, white kids get stupid and get beaten by cops from time to time too. I have yet to see Sharpton create a scene in those instances. I have never seen the "concerned clergy" outraged when a Caucasian is mistreated and oppressed by rogue cops. This is how we can conclude that he loves using the race card to stay visible in his actions and motives.

But what really is interesting is one of the faces you see in the picture found in the last link.

The man on the right is Mmoja Ajabu, former leader of the Indianapolis Black Panther Militia--the group that terrorized the city with threats and intimidation in the 90s. One time he shook down a Korean-owned hair care business that had a customer base comprised moslty of blacks. He told them they were profiting from blacks as customers... that he needed to give back to the community that had made him so successful. Of course that meant giving the money to his terrorist organization.

But his coup de grace came later after he was fired from his day job for carring a handgun to work. He was charged and convicted of intimidation, after his son was convicted for his role in a grisly triple murder. Three young people had their throats slashed, during a robbery. His son was not the man who did the killing, but he was present and in the middle of committing another felony. In Indiana, that's enough to be charged with and convicted of murder.

Mr. Ajabu was a Muslim and a Black Panther at the time of his threats toward the family members who lost their loved ones that fateful evening. He said that if his son was to be given the death penalty by the judge in his son's case, "other death sentences would be carried out". Naturally, it wasn't well received by the authorities. But since this time, he has converted to Christianity and is now an assistant minister of a church involved with the "concerned clergy".

That's all well and good. Everyone loves a story of true redemption. However, one must ask if he has retained much of the "Black Theology Doctrine" he was so well known for before his Road to Damascus moment.

There was a time over 25 years ago, I thought that the racial divisions of the past were much closer to being healed. If not, progress was certainly being made. At that time, I had many black friends that I would see from time to time and argue sports with them, over a cold beer. We laughed joked and genuinely had a great time.

I have been in black bars at the invitation of some these people. I spent one evening watching a basketball game with the owner of one such establishment. The friend who took me in there was playing pool, while the old guy and I were discussing how we would coach the game being played. I was buying beer, he was selling it. No one gave me any trouble, not a mean word was said.

But I couldn't do that today.

Those old places are gone. That generation has died off. Many who knew them have become more enraged because of the day-to-day activities of radical hate-mongers. They have put their faith and confidence in race baiting ministers, who share responsibility with a complicit media. They are churning out black rage as a product, rather than a byproduct. They are a part of the machine.

At this point in time, I do not believe that I could be a guest in a place like that anymore, without being a target. Fpr one thing, I could not because there is a good chance that no one would invite me. But mostly it is because I would not be welcome in most of those places, solely because of my skin color. And when I sit and think about it, it's sad for so many reasons.

They say that as we age, we get more like ourselves everyday. If we are a sanguine personality, we will become more happy-go-lucky as we mature. If we are melancholy, we will get more pensive and possibly depressed.

If this is true, then I would think other personality traits follow that same course. If we are not a racist when we are young, isn't it likely we will get to be less of one as we age?

I wasn't a racist back then. And I am not one now. But it is time for the black community to reject the messages of victimhood, time to stop letting the "so-called" voices from proclaiming that it is their destiny to suffer at the hands of evil white people. It is time to stop propagating hate and allowing the advancement of such to continue, unabated.

If not, we face a certain future.


Tom's Place said...

Yeah, LA, this same stuff seems to rear it's ugly head from time to time, only now it's worse than before with the election of Obozo.

Great minds must think alike - I wrote a related post for today. However, yours is more to the point.

Always On Watch said...

The Obama administration is setting back race relations in America. I've been afraid of this problem developing from when I first read about Michelle Obama's college thesis supporting black supremacy and, of course, from when I saw those hideous videos of "the Reverend" Jeremiah Wright.

Did you happen to catch Glenn Beck's show yesterday? He discussed in depth black liberation theology.

LASunsett said...


It appears that our concerns we voiced during the election in 2008 were not irrational. I hate to be right about this stuff, but what can a person do?

LASunsett said...


Wouldn't you know it that yesterday was one day that i did not get to see Beck? But what i am finding out about Glenn's show these days is, it validates what many of us already know and suspect with details to support why we believe the way we do.

Sensible bloggers suspected that this stuff would come to pass if Obozo won. So far, we have been right about the vast majority of it. But I wish we had been wrong. I wish I would have to print retraction after retraction, from the things I said before he was sworn in. Instead, I feel like a kid telling the world that i told them so.

Greg said...

I think we all expected as much from Obama. He did, after all, consider one the country's most racially divisive figures his "spiritual mentor." He 'pledged allegiance to the black race' to join the church. He sat his children in the pews of that church, exposing them to vitriolic anti-American, racist hate speech. That says a lot about the man, I think.

I'm not as pessimistic as LAS about race relations, but I certainly agree that Obama isn't helping matters.

LASunsett said...


If you think I am pessimistic, you should try a 20 minute conversation with Mustang sometime. I can be on top of the world full of hope and optimism one minute, and raiding the liquor cabinet for solace, the next.

I swear, I could win the lottery and be on cloud nine, and he would find a way to make me feel like the most destitute soul in the world. He is the master of cynicism and pessimism.

If I ever feel like I am too happy with my life, I can always count on him to snap me back to reality and put me in a deep state of depression, where I belong.

The way I figure it, if I try hard, if I really set mind to it and apply myself, I might pull even with him by the time I die. But it's not going to be easy and it may be a longshot.

Anonymous said...


LASunsett said...

Did I get something wrong, Mustang? Did you not say earlier today, that you have no hope in the American people to make the right choice in 2012? Or are my meds causing those side effects again?

I mean, if I got it wrong, I will post a retraction.

Anonymous said...

I new the mustang dude was a bastard. Humph. Speaking his mind ... what a tampon.

Yer rite Mr. Sunsett sir (who I think is kewl and I want to be like somday). It's more better to shove our heads into the sand and stick our asses in the air.

Yor fren


LASunsett said...

A Poem For Eric
by LASunsett (2010)

So esoteric.

The End

Anonymous said...

Say wha?


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Hi LA- Al Sharpton is such a scumbag, he and Jesse Jackson are cut from the same cloth...racists.

When they opened the new high-school that my kids went to, Oprah did a show there and brought Jessie Jackson and they made a big deal about how well-equipped it was with state of the art technology,etc. Then they had some of the kids from our school go to a school in the inner city of Chicago and some of their kids came to our school for the day. It was nothing but a big class warfare show..."Look what the whites have and look where the blacks go to school." I was so pissed off that our school allowed them to do this. It wasn't only unfair to our kids, but what message did it send to the kids from the inner city school? And they wonder why these kids end up following the "New" Black Panthers calling for "death to Whitey. Kill their babies. Kill the crackers!"

LASunsett said...


I would not have been the least bit happy about that, either. Provoking negative feelings is all that seems could come from such a thing. All it does is promote class envy.

Greg said...

LAS: LOL. No boot camp with Mustang this year? I wonder what he would do to my sissy ass if I went to visit. :)