Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NAACP's Shelton Caught In A Lie

I know, I know. It's hard to believe, isn't it?

There are lies and there are damned lies. The damned lies are the ones that will get a person into trouble, especially when the person telling them cannot keep them straight. Here is Hiliary Shelton of the NAACP lying his ass off in one of these clips. Which one it is, is anyone's guess.

If a person tells enough damned lies, I would say that makes them a damned liar. But hey, they all lie, right? So the next time Hiliary Shelton says that TPers used the "N" word and spit on Black Caucus members awhile back, how can we believe him?

Just a suggestion to the NAACP, they may want to take this guy off of the circuit or he will really get them in hot water, the next time.


Jobs are being lost at warp speed, we have spent $3.7 million for nothing, and the nation is divided more than it ever was. It's not good to be a Progressive and/or a Democrat these days and the NAACP is proving to be irrelevant again, after their 15 minutes in the spotlight.


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I am still at a loss to figure out why guys like Shelton (and Obama) keep forgetting that there's such a thing as "video". They lie so much that I don't think they even know the truth anymore.

Regarding's very very scary out there. Each year we have thousands upon thousands of kids graduating from college and there are no jobs for them. None of those manufacturing jobs are going to come back and teachers are just in a big mess. Right now, it seems the only openings are in nursing and doctors.

What a freakin' mess. But hey, Obama said he "saved" all those jobs, right???

LASunsett said...

//Right now, it seems the only openings are in nursing and doctors. //

For now.

Wait until the full extent of damage wrought by Obamacare sets in.

A.C. McCloud said...

I wonder how much somebody is paying the NAACP to instigate all this shiite?

Chuck said...

This is clearly a misunderstanding. It is likely the fault of one of his staffers.

If you say any different, your clearly a racist.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to say with certainty that Barack Obama is intensionally destroying this country--but that is the way it looks from where I am sitting. Also from where I am sitting, it will only get worse. Much, much worse.

I hope all those dip sticks who voted for this communist enjoy the ride; it's going to be a doosie.