Monday, July 19, 2010

Confronting The Unreasonable

Irrational responses have always been part of the political landscape. We have people who try to shout down the opposition, other times we have people who create red herrings in order to take the attention off of losing a debate.

The NAACP has chosen to attack the Tea Parties, as ignoring and even allowing racism to prevail among their memberships. They do this without any proof of this being the case. They do it because there is no foundation for their existence anymore and they must subcontract their services out to the Democratic Party as the Mid Terms near.

There is no slide show, no presentation, nothing of any real substantive value. They have nothing that includes hard visual or audio evidence supporting any of their baseless accusations.

But as we counter these ridiculous claims, it's important to note their responses in evaluating the effectiveness of our criticism.

Here is a debate between Deneen Borelli of Project 21 takes NAACP vice president Hilary Shelton to task for his organization's classic use of the red herring:

Notice how Mr. Shelton cannot answer direct questions. He has no answer for Ms. Borelli, so he just keeps repeating old arguments. When he is confronted the lack of proof for his organization's baseless accusations, he recycles old material to stay on his empty message.

Without these weak and faulty claims, these people have nothing. They are empty suits living in an era that does not exist any longer.

There is racism on all fronts, in all groups. But to make everything that does not agree with a black president and/or his political party to be racist, diminishes the real instances of racism that do happen on occasion. It marginalizes those true instances so much, that it is equal to the boy who once cried wolf.

But there is another aspect to all of this that makes it even worse. The NAACP does not confront the rampant racism in their own ranks. Until they do, they have no right to expect others to act in this kind of manner. Before the organization expects to get the speck out of the Tea Party's eye, they should remove the mote from their own.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but we don’t simply have one party trying to shut down the opposition, we have republicans attempting to shut down ‘conservatives.’ Jim DeMint is one of this country’s staunchest conservatives, and yet Trent Lott stands opposed to him, and joins with the NAACP attacking the Tea Party movement because conservatives are expressing independence from the party apparatus.

One can’t help but wonder if ‘Divide and Conquer’ is part of the Democratic Plan leading to November elections. Just look at all the ways American seems bent on dividing itself into small parts. Blacks vs. whites, Hispanics vs. whites, GOP vs. Tea Party – and the Moslems are sitting back laughing their asses off waiting for approval on a Mosque at ground zero.

Now personally, the NAACP is seeing things that I’ve never seen at Tea Party rallies. First, no one ever spit on John Lewis. Second, Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who can produce a video showing racist signs and so far, no one has collected on it.

A.C. McCloud said...

Just a tactic. And it's working--the NAACP is getting itself on shows and the Tea Party has actually thrown out one guy for going over the top. Now comes news there will be a rally to repudiate the NAACP's red herring. That's what they want--having the opposition on defense.

The question is whether it will achieve the objective. Biden seems to think so..

Catherine Barry said...

I agree with Mustang. All one has to do is look at all the Conservative and Independent groups that has appeared since the Tea Parties started and each one has a different idea about what is needed to gain back our country and restore government to the founding principals.

Some are looking for a new "Conservative Messiah" (ie Palin, Rand Paul, etc.) and I say we got in trouble looking for a savior in the first place. Some believe we have to go with voting against ALL Incumbents!!! That too me would be like firing all officers from the military and leaving only the the troops with no higher rank than private! My point being that to rid yourself of all the experience and leadership would be chaos.

I think most Americans are just too lazy to do some research and know exactly WHO they are voting for on election day. That coupled with the tendency to vote for anyone who can lie well and promise the rose garden that cannot be delivered upon is the way they operate.

The third part of the issue is with many being in love with the lie that recovery can be painless, they jump all over the distractions and lies promoted by the left. It's Bushes fault, the Tea Parties are racist, Jobs have been saved by this administration, All of which they cannot produce an ounce of valid data to support... but those wanting to believe their Messiah will save them press on in their blind faith.

We are indeed in serious trouble.

I wonder if they could survey the viewers of this video that lean left, how many would actually see the truth after viewing it? I say not many, because they are not able to think critically, only with their emotions.

Z said...

MEDIA, people. The NAACP knows the media's telling America ZILCH.

If we had an honest, fair media, we'd never have elected Obama, you all know that. Who'd vote for a guy with ZERO experience, who has no past he can reveal, who lied about so many things and people he knew or didn't know..........

Catherine Barry is right, as well.....the media's failing this country and Americans are not doing their homework. Or, worse, they're unintelligent enough to be Conservatives who'll vote leftist or not vote at all "To teach the RNC a lesson!"
Meanwhile, they've brought America nearly to her knees.

Good thinking, Conservatives.

Media: please do your job! We can't keep allowing liberals to lie and obfuscate and keep liberty alive.

Chuck said...

There is racism on all fronts, in all groups. But to make everything that doesn't not agree with a black president and/or his political party to be racist, diminishes the real instances of racism that do happen on occasion.

I think you hit it right there.

I have said this before, Obama will do more damage to blacks than he will further their cause.

I have always thought I would like to see black President. I did not want it done on an affirmative action basis.

Obama was not the right one to blaze trails. He is racist and divisive and surrounds himself with people who are racist and divisive. Until they are a liability that is, then it's under the bus with them (see Jeremiah Wright).

What we have done is turned everything into racism and so we now have a backlash from those of us being unfairly labeled as such.

Yeah, this is going to go well.

LASunsett said...


I find nothing in your comment to fault. I am absolutely sure there are some in the GOP who mock the TP. But as we have discussed in many conversations, 2010 will not rectify as much as we would like, except it will throw a roadblock to prevent Obama from having a rubber stamp like Hugo Chavez, Castro, and other communist dictators have.

This is only step one. Step two comes in 2012. We can RIF more GOP in primaries then, but we must get TPers to not split their vote.

LASunsett said...

Yes, AC, it is working. Temporarily.

But now that they have drawn blood, look out. They have more embarrassing moments to worry about than the TP does, as is evidenced by my latest post and the video uncovered by Breitbart. I expect more to surface shortly.

LASunsett said...

Hello Catherine and welcome to PYY.

I share much of the same concerns as you. I do not have much confidence that the Leftists will ever see the light. But the 30% of the electorate who call themselves independents are beginning to turn away from Obama and his warped message of racism and socialism. It is they who decide elections, not Leftists, not conservatives.

Our arguments would be better served by focusing on them, than it would be trying to talk to inanimate gray matter that inhabits the brains of Leftists. They are recalcitrant to any logical presentation we could ever make. It is a waste of time.

LASunsett said...

//Media: please do your job! We can't keep allowing liberals to lie and obfuscate and keep liberty alive.//

Fox is making an effort. More people are watching Fox as time passes on. More people are realizing that the MSM are not doing what they should be doing.

FNC may have its issues from time to time, they get it wrong too. But they aren;t leading in the ratings for nothing.

LASunsett said...

Thanks Chuck, for quoting the part that had a typo in it. I am now waiting for Mary Ellen to bring her Catholic School ruler to rap my knuckles with.

But you are right. Obama is a racist. One doesn't sit in a church for 20 years listening to black liberation and separation theology and NOT internalize SOMETHING.

Maggie Thornton said...

Deneen Borelli if very good. I'm glad she is on Fox. She has a message and she gets it out. There are so man Blacks who can speak about this issue and make the Left look ridiculous. Bring them on. We need them.

Shelton is just more of the same we hear from every Leftist Black. It doesn't matter how good the interviewer is, they can't break these people. It takes a hidden camera.

Great video. Great commentary on this very important issue.

LASunsett said...

Welcome Maggie,

I agree that Ms. Borelli is one intelligent and classy lady and we need more like her to speak truth to power and not allow the Leftist thugs to intimidate them.

Ameloque said...

Hi Z !

Seen from over here, Both Mme A and Amerloque feel that it sure as shootin' looks like Obumbles is being blackmailed.

Place of birth ?
Citizenship ?
Education ?
Scholarship ?

All of the above ? (sigh)


Stand strong, Arizona !

LASunsett said...

//Seen from over here, Both Mme A and Amerloque feel that it sure as shootin' looks like Obumbles is being blackmailed. //

Personally, I see this is but one way how strong people can find puppets to control. Hold something over their heads and know that they have the power to dictate from behind the scenes.