Monday, March 07, 2011

Empire Preempted

A hero of the anti-American forces that saturate France has problems now. The grand champion underminer-in-chief, Jacques Chirac is on trial for being the corrupt bastard we always said he was.

Jacques Chirac will be the first former French leader since World War II to stand trial when hearings begin today on charges he abused his role as mayor of Paris to reward party loyalists.

The heart of the claims against Chirac, 79, lies in a sense of political entitlement many French leaders have felt since long before mobs lopped off the heads of the elite, said anti- corruption activist Daniel Lebegue.

It's about time he gets tried in court for something. But I cannot get too overly excited.

If they really wanted to show some integrity, they would try him for the "Oil For Food" scandal. Of course, they would have to try half of the French government at the time, along with him. Because it would bankrupt the nation, I doubt seriously any of that will happen.

In fact, I look for Chirac to beat these charges because he such a hero there. Of all of the great French presidential failures before him, he takes his place among the greatest. If there was an annual Neville Chamberlain Award, he would have won it several years in a row.


Chuck said...

At least the bastard will get a little public humiliation.

Homer Simpson said it best when he called these people "cheese-eating surrender monkeys".

What a philosopher, that man.

LASunsett said...

//At least the bastard will get a little public humiliation. //

A lot of French people hate Americans, so I am not sure how critical the French media will be in this. He is still a hero of many for his stand against the US in the Iraq War, so I think there will be many who make excuses for his criminal. A lot of Machiviellian leftists there.

Rocket said...

Ha!!! Chirac on trial. It's already been postponed until June. The French don't have the balls to judge a former president so they find a procedural rule to postpone the trial.

Once cowards always cowards.

"A lot of French people hate Americans"

Not necessarily.

A lot of French people are fearful of the unknown is more like it.

I would say that a lot of French are simply jealous of what America represents and what their own country represents (how we have the balls to judge a President)etc.

France is a very centralised country where even what you say when you enter a shop is standardized. They haven't got a clue what real freedom of speech and democracy means and with the President they have now things are particularly bad.

Don't worry. Chirac will get a slap on the hands if he is ever judged in a court of law but he will never go behind bars.

Rocket said...

LASunsett said...


Sounds like Eric Holder is head of the French equivalent of the Justice Dept.