Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Writing On The Wall

Charlie Cook is one of the premier experts in politics and he doesn't base his assessments on partisan politics. He has watched and analyzed the American political scene for years and is the chief analyst of The Cook Political Report.

In this short video, he tells us what we can expect in the next two national election cycles:

Democrats will not like this. In fact, they will likely weep and gnash their teeth if this becomes a reality. But in the end, they have no one to blame but themselves.


Chuck said...

It wouldn't play for me. My bet is the outlook isn't good for the Dims though

Z said...

I wish I agreed with Cook. I don't.
We'll be tightening everyone's belt and they'll not be liking it and won't want Republicans elected.
Americans have changed and want hand-outs ... I hope I'm wrong, I SURELY do. I really truly hope that people are waking up and realizing that we HAVE to do some austerity; except I saw at Debbie's blog that lefties are gathering and speaking about austerity and how it causes revolution and it got me thinking to Obama's early training and if this is all a part of a plan. And I never was a conspiracy nut!

What gives me a glimmer of hope that COok's right is that I heard that polls in NY and New Jersey show high scores for Christie and Cuomo though they're tightening the belts....low scores for what they're doing (who likes it, after all?) but high scores for THEM, which COULD mean people DO understand we need to really stop spending. Let's hope!

LASunsett said...

Chuck, go to Drudge's archives and go to the pages from yesterday morning 3-1-11. There is a link to it. It basically says the Dems are hosed because of the number of seats they have up for re-election in the senate.

LASunsett said...


I think the area you live in gives you a sense that you have, based on what is going on in CA and their crisis. But everywhere elese, people are fed up with this group of BS artists who have been perpetuating lies.

There are no shovel ready jobs from the stimulus, when we were told there were. We were told we'd be liked in the Middle East again. We're not. We are told that Obama was the answer to everything, He's made it worse. We were told that once the oilman was gone, gas prices would stabilize. They haven't.

He and the Dems may carry LA County, but he isn't going to get the swing states and neither are blue dogs going to get traditionally red states. Unless thing magically get better in a year, I think the trend is looking good. But we must keep the pressure on the GOP to do the right thing and not lapse back into Dem Lite again.

I think most Americans are willing to make some sacrifices, especially as the baby boomers become grandparents and see that their grandchildren do not have a chance, if we don't/