Monday, March 14, 2011

The Ignorance Factory

When the Progressives lose the argument, they will resort to the most despicable human behaviors. Herman Cain has come up with an appropriate acronym for this phenomenon, SIN.

First they try to shift the subject to something completely unrelated so that their ignorance is not on open display. Like when we talk about how bad Obama's Administration is failing the American people, somehow they try to switch the topic to George Bush.
If shifting the subject away from the original subject doesn't work them, they will flat out ignore facts. They will discredit them with robotic pat answers given to them by the people who produce the daily talking points.
N=Name call
Once the first two strategies fail, they must resort to the overt demonization of anyone who disagrees with them, to include you or whoever is trying to civilly discuss an issue of great importance.

This only applies the debate process and is light duty compared to the tactics they use, when they lose the argument in a legislative forum. When they lose a floor vote and see that they have failed to persuade enough legislators to vote their way on an issue, they then will resort to even lower tactics like threats and intimidation.

Here is a snippet from the actual letter found at that link and is pretty much the crux of this matter:

In the event that you cannot support this effort to save collective bargaining,
please be advised that the undersigned will publicly and formally boycott the
goods and services provided by your company.

Another E-Mail communication on display can be found here. The guy that is posting this for public consumption made the astute observation that Milwaukee Area Technical College's (MATC) website and e-mail addresses were being used in an official capacity to punish those who are in in line with the pro-union dogma.

When we take a moment to analyze this, it isn't surprising. MATC has a long history of training skilled laborers who are usually well-equipped to take jobs in the workplace that are traditionally union jobs. The indoctrination starts here at the training center and usually lasts an entire lifetime.

Now, let me make something clear here. It is not my intention to denigrate those who study and graduate from technical schools. In today's high tech world, we need skilled workers to do jobs that require more than just a high school diploma, where shop classes were offered and taken.

Not everyone can grasp the nature of a university level education that offers and requires courses outside a person's chosen major, for the specific purpose of making a person a more well-rounded individual. There is no dishonor in graduating with a two year degree that will lead a person to a job or career that will feed a person's family and put their children through school, so they can attain whatever goals and dreams they may have.

But just as I have problems with a state-funded university indoctrinating students to support Leftist ideology (based on flawed doctrines that have historically failed everywhere they have previously been implemented), I also have problems with tech schools promoting public sector unions and encouraging their students to use union-like tactics to do so. But evidently, MATC has no problem teaching their students to believe wrongly or make utter fools of themselves, in their later lives.

One of the more prominent graduates of this "fine" institution has made her way to government. Remember this women? If not, take a moment and listen to a prominent graduate of MATC in action just a short while back, when the Arizona immigration law debate was in full bore:

My suggestion to the administrators of MATC is that they worry less about political activism and offer some basic courses for people to at least have a functional understanding of what they are trying to talk about, when they open their mouths to speak. It's not that people do not have the right to their own opinions and beliefs. It's not that they do not have the right to use their pocketbooks and wallets as a means of communicating their displeasure with a business and company, for any reason they deem important.

The point is, it is important to know that others have the same right to express their beliefs and to support candidates that reflect those beliefs, without the fear of having threats leveled against them.

But more importantly, how long will the people whose tax dollars go to support institutions like MATC, allow the money to be wasted on political activism, while they fail to educate the students properly? Ignorance needs no factory. It's already there. And it damn sure doesn't need instructors to dumb the students down any further, all they need to do is watch MSNBC or the MSM newscasts.


Chuck said...

Yeah, that woman won't be in their advertising campaign

Greg said...

LOLs on that video. :)

LASunsett said...

Chuck, she puts it in her resume though.

LASunsett said...


Just when you think elected officials can't get any more stupid......

Stay tuned. I am sure we can lower that bar a little lower real soon.

Catherine Barry said...

A regular expose on stupidity. I love it. :-)

LASunsett said...

Catherine, I don't need to look too far for stupidity in today's political climate. We always seem to have a wide supply of it.