Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An Added Short Thought On Terri Schiavo

For those that think Terri is a vegetable incapable of thoughts, feelings, and desires, consider this.

The strongest drive in humans is self-preservation. This woman must have a will somewhere inside her, because if she didn't, she would have passed by now. This further proves that she was not sick to begin with. She was not dying. Her brain may be damaged, but her will to live has not been damaged. And somewhere deep down there may be a person crying out for help and just can't. She may very well be able to understand some things, she just may not be able to communicate those things.

None of us know exactly what she feels or thinks. Only if you have ever been through it, can you really know. She may be fighting as hard as she can to prove to those that have brought on this calamity, are wrong. If the truth be known, she probably has more guts and more will power than any of us. And the rogue state of Florida is starving the body that contains that same courage and will.

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