Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogroll Success - Mission Accomplished

Well, I did it. Yours truly, the computer idiot has successfully added a blogroll to this blog. I know it may seem elementary to some of you, but to me it is a remarkable feat, worthy of celebration with a Crown and Coke later.

Special thanks go to Dr. Stephen Taylor of PoliBlog.com for giving me the link and also to VARepublicMan of Flaming Duck, for walking me through it. I have already posted a comment about Dr. Taylor's blog, so let me take a minute to recommend Flaming Duck.

Flaming Duck gives excellent perspectives on a variety of local, national, and international topics. There is even a fudge recipe for those that have a sweet tooth. (Be sure you have a good supply of insulin to chase it with.) The views expressed are intelligent and will stimulate you to think.

Give it a read. You will be glad you did.

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