Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Terrorist Or Freedom Fighter

By now most of us have heard the cliche, "One man's terrorist is a another man's freedom fighter". The people that see the black helicopters when a Democrat is in office, used this to justify Timothy McVeigh's murderous act. The Islamofascists now use it to justify the murderous acts, they commit. So, what's the difference?

The motives, objectives, and intentions mark the contrasts.

The terrorist seeks to use guerrilla warfare terror tactics as a means of overthrowing freedom and establishing an oppressive regime. He wants to overthrow the peaceful existences that come with liberty and freedom and actively seeks to strip people of choices. He wants to oppress, not liberate. He does not care about innocent people, often targeting them.

The freedom fighter seeks to use whatever means available to him to overthrow a regime, but he does it for the purpose of liberating his people from an oppressive one. He, as best he possiblty can, targets authority and its forces, not innocents. He seeks more choices for his people, not less.

Global terrorists can trace their movement to Iran. It all began with the Iranian revolution. The Iranian people were duped into believing that freedom from the Shah and his regime meant freedom. Instead, they have been oppressed even worse and only succeeded in trading one form of tyrranny for another. If that isn't enough, Iran has been the major exporter of global terror since 1979, with the goals of implementing Islamic Law anywhere they can and seeking the destruction of Israel.

Hezbollah has been directly linked to Iran. Watch them, as the situation develops further in Lebanon. They may unleash a terror campaign to take over and install a Shiite Islamic government that curbs freedoms, instead of creating them.


VARepublicMan said...

I agree, so much so that I wrote a very similar post just a few days ago. See if you agree with what I said at

This is so obvious that I think that those that see a similarity between terrorists and freedom fighters must be of the same mind set as the terrorists, i.e. they too would be willing to kill civilians to make a political point. I won't EVER consider that as a valid tactic.

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