Saturday, March 12, 2005

Four Dead, One Injured.

If the Fulton County Sheriff Department had not sent an inmate (that had been caught with two shanks the day prior) with one small female officer, four people would be alive today and one person would not be lying in an Atlanta hospital, with a gunshot wound to the mouth.

No doubt they will investigate for weeks (maybe months), spend loads of money, and try to figure out how much they can sweep under the rug and how much they have to own up to. In the news conference this afternoon, the Fulton County Sheriff let it be known that he has only been in office for a couple of months, laying the foundation for future blame placing.

There is some measure of either poetic justice or just plain old irony in this case, though. The DA Paul Howard was the prosecutor that made the deal with the mother that had killed two of her kids, the one where if she was sterilized she could avoid jail time. And, the dead judge was the one that approved the plea agreement. What you read into that is up to you, but at the very least, you can see that we have an inept prosecutor that could very well screw this case up.

This kind of occurence is a statistic that could have been prevented, so easily. It made no sense to handle it this way, especially with what they already knew. Highly paid and trusted officials that work in law enforcement, should know that this is a principle taught in Corrections 101. The people of Atlanta should expect more and demand more, if they want it to remain a world-class city.

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