Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Overkill (A Pound Of Cure)

Do you get the sense that 19 officers present at today's hearing for Brian Nichols was more than enough? Do you think maybe that many were there, solely for the cameras?

Overkill, after the fact, is nothing more than a method of propaganda. The Fulton County Sheriff is clearly on the hot seat on this one. Sending 19 officers was a ridiculous display of force and an incredible waste of money and resources. (Five, for a shackled inmate, would have been more than sufficient.) I guess the Sheriff feels that overdoing it now will somehow atone for the fact that his department was grossly negligent. Maybe he feels in control now, something he wasn't on Friday.

Anyway, the lawsuits will soon be flying and soon the people of Atlanta will be footing the bill for the incompetence. If I were a citizen in Atlanta I would be upset. I would be upset that my world-class city and major tourist destination was turning into a place to avoid, because law enforcement has no basic critical thinking skills.

On second thought maybe I wouldn't be upset. Maybe I'd be furious enough to organize a recall effort on the Sheriff.

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