Friday, March 11, 2005

A Daily Briefing on Iran: Death and the Salesmen

A Daily Briefing on Iran: Death and the Salesmen

Europe could be such a valuable ally and return itself to some of the greatest levels of class, grandeur, and (most of all) world leadership. If only they would wake up and realize that they are enabling the defiance of oppressive, intolerant nations that threaten their neighbors and sponsor terrorism.

Self interest has guided Europe since the early days of the Holy Roman Empire. Methods change, but motives seldom do.

Today, Europe has a self esteem problem, so she is flirting with a man that has the capabilities of making their relationship, an abusive one. They are just like the women that are only attracted to men that are domestic tyrants. They charm at first and once they have manipulated their way into a position of trust, they start the abusive cycle.

I recommend this article from the Regime Change Iran (RCI) weblog. RCI is a site that I read daily and is a valuable source of information on the Iranian situation, as well as other areas of importance in the Middle East.

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