Saturday, March 12, 2005

When Will We Learn?

I think it is admirable that the "politically correct/don't want to offend anyone" crowd want accused criminal defendants on trial to be able to wear street clothes, so they can lower the risk of prejudicing the jury. I am for any defendant being able to have the fairest possible trial. I am all for individual rights and will fight to the death to defend them. But as we all saw yesterday, there are reasons why it makes good sense to ignore political correctness and opt for safety/security.

The man that was caught trying to smuggle shanks into the courtroom on Thursday, should have been shackled and not allowed to change into street clothes. The judge was reportedly aware of this, but for some ridiculous reason was not inclined to increase security in any way, shape, or form. As a result, the judge and two others are dead, one is in the hospital, and a dangerous criminal is on the loose.

You will no doubt hear the pundits opine for days and the official investigation will drag on for weeks, but the fact remains this whole thing could have/would have been prevented with a little common sense.

When will the ACLU and others begin to see that some policies and procedures are necessary for the overall public good and should supercede political correctness? When will they take up the causes of the vast amount of those in prison for minor drug offenses, and stop taking up the causes of thugs like this, thus freeing up valuable jail bedspace?

When will we stop the policies of being reactive instead of being proactive? When will we realize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is more than just an old saying?

When will we stop dropping the stack of plates to catch the one that is falling? When will we consider the rights of the law abiding masses over the rights of criminals?


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